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SpiffySquare is a one-of-a-kind gift idea

Posted at 9:00 AM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 11:00:02-05

Spiffy Square is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living.

Artisan Colour introduces SpiffySquare; Can you really create a slam-dunk birthday gift (with a matching card), in under 2 minutes, right from your smartphone?

Scottsdale, Arizona - March 2018 - SpiffySquare is a FREE smartphone app for IOS and Android available to everyone in the United States (available from Apple's AppStore and GooglePlay).

Though it seems as if gift-giving should be simple, many people struggle with finding a gift that communicates their feelings in a meaningful way. The fact that there are countless articles and blogs describing ways to solve the gift giving dilemma is evidence that a lot of us are running into this problem on a regular basis.

SpiffySquare wants to change that by creating a way for anyone to give a personalized, unique and thoughtful gift to someone special, in as little as two minutes by tapping into the features and information already in our smartphones.

The process starts by taking a photo from within the app, or using the photos already on your smartphone, and sizing the photo on-screen. Next, you choose which occasion card you want included (or write your own card), then sign the card with your finger in the app. Entering the shipping information can be streamlined into just a few taps by giving the app permission to access your contacts. Lastly, paying for the Square can be done via PayPal, ApplePay, or Credit Card (the app can scan your Credit Card too, saving you from typing by hand). Then it's only about 5 business days before your gift and your card are delivered.

SpiffySquare is 9" x 9" true photographic print that's made by projecting an RGB laser onto photographic paper in a darkroom, then developing the paper through a series of chemical baths (yep, totally "old school"). The resulting photograph is then fused between a 1/4" thick sheet of optical plexiglass and a protective vinyl backer, then cut out using a high-speed digital router, resulting in a finished photo-piece that weighs over 12 oz.  Each and every SpiffySquare also includes its own solid core base stand for displaying the square (i.e. no tools required).

Each SpiffySquare also comes with a custom printed occasion card with the same photo printed on the front (no more time spent scrutinizing through the greeting card isle), and, if you sign with your finger in the app, your signature on the inside. You can write your own card if you choose, or pick from one of the pre-written occasions:
        Just Because
        Mothers Day
        Fathers Day
        Grandparents Day
        Happy Holidays
        Thank you
        I'm Selfish

Each SpiffySquare costs $44.00 which includes standard shipping (arrives in about 5 days). Expedited processing and shipping are available for an additional $22.00

With SpiffySquare, Artisan Colour set out to design a new kind of gift-giving experience that makes it fast and easy to turn your photos into heart-warming smiles.

For more information, call (480) 948-0009, or go to