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Smiles matter at My Dental Dentistry & Implants and so does giving back to the community

Posted at 9:32 AM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 11:37:56-05

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It is no secret that medical and dental expenses can be overwhelming, costly, and often difficult to understand. This leads to patients avoiding the proper care when needed. Throughout my career, I have felt that patients were overpaying for their dental care and I knew I could develop a more effective way that would result in patients saving money without sacrificing quality of service. With this in mind, I created a new approach at My Dental Dentistry & Implants.

My Dental's Patient-Centric® approach focuses on delivering transparent, high quality, and affordable dental care. We put our patients in the driver's seat by providing actual photos (not just the x-rays) of the patient's teeth and gums during exams. Our patients see exactly what we see. Then, together we develop a specific treatment plan that will restore their dental health along with the associated costs. Patients always know the why, when, and how much prior to any treatment being completed. How refreshing!

Our Patient-Centric® approach focuses on four key areas: comfort, convenience, cost, and quality. We perform all dental procedures in a comfortable environment, so patients don't have to worry about going anywhere else, allowing us to deliver the quality patients expect, all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Overall, our Patient-Centric® approach allows patients to be worry-free when it comes to receiving dental care. Patients no longer need to worry about making the right decision. Our patients have received beautiful smiles while saving thousands. Our reviews on Google mirror that fact. Our availability is limited and appointments are filling quickly. So, do not neglect dental care any longer and call My Dental Dentistry & Implants today.

William C. Fulcher, D.D.S.
Founder, My Dental Dentistry & Implants
(480) 404-9754