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Smell Solutions can help with COVID-19 disinfecting

Posted at 7:52 AM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 12:06:30-04

Smell Solutions is an advertiser of Sonoran Living.

James has served on the board of a nonprofit for the last 3 years directing resources to Seniors and Veterans, and upon being swooped up in the coronavirus Pandemic, found that there is a need for everyone to protect themselves and their families.

Smell Solutions took the first step in approaching Senior Care Facilities when the numbers were still under 7,000 cases in Arizona. As time has passed, we're over 140,000 cases, and there is not a family or business that is not affected by COVID-19 in Arizona. Arizona is a hot spot in America for COVID-19, and with a concern for the amount of Seasonal Residents, Smell Solutions retooled their equipment and sought out an EPA Approved Disinfectant that works in a commercial fogging machine so that every inch of a room can be coated with this virus-killing product.

Smell Solutions has applied for a new nonprofit focusing solely on virus disinfecting and making it possible to pursue grant money to help supplement or even donate the costs of services for low income families that may be already dealing with medical conditions that make them more susceptible to this deadly Virus.

Smell Solutions has also opened their schedule up for 24 hour-a-day service, so if your business has been affected, they are able to schedule your disinfecting after business hours and have your facility ready to go within a couple of hours.
Deodorizing Services for residential homes has increased as well. With more people staying home, and with cleaning companies not risking exposure to the virus, the homeowner has been using our services to deodorize carpets, mildew, food odors, and musky smells.

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