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Scott the Bee Man removes bee hives and relocates them.

Posted at 7:59 AM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 13:30:16-04

Scott The Bee Man is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living

Scott the Bee Man is your first choice in bee hive and swarm removal.

While bees are an important aspect in the natural balance of our environment, they can also be a dangerous and destructive "visitor" to your home. Many people don't even realize how quickly bees can move in.  And how do you know there's a problem?  
If you find that you have two or three bees in your house, you have a bee problem.  If you find dead bees by your outside light, that's a sign that there's a swarm or hive nearby.  If you see a few bees exiting and entering cracks in walls, eves, irrigation valves or utility boxes and other enclosed places, you likely have a hive.  
What's your next step? Don't call an exterminator! Call a beekeeper, 
Scott the Bee Man, 480-710-5637.  Scott the Bee Man is not an exterminator.
Scott gently removes all of the bees alive, all of the honeycomb, babies and queen.  He then relocates them to bee yards where they can safely do the good work that they are made to do.  A beekeeper for many years, Scott the Bee Man knows what it takes to handle Arizona Africanized bees. His personal passion as an urban farmer gives him an extra edge when it comes to understanding and relocating bees. At the same time, Scott understands that the safety of his clients is first and foremost.  

Exterminating bees is BIG business which explains the many results you will find for "bee removal" in an internet search. Exterminators are well aware of the cycle of pests created by exterminating a hive. A dead hive will immediately be overrun by cockroaches, moths, and rats, resulting in repeat calls for extermination. And, you'll likely be dealing with honey dripping from a hive that is now covered in poison. With Scott the Bee Man, there'll be no dead bees, no rotting organic material, no foul odor, and no repeat service calls from an exterminator.  

Live bee removal is the only choice.  Better for you, better for your home, better for your family's health, better for your wallet, and better for the bees!

Whether you've got bees in the house or bees on the property, you need a live bee removal expert who is prompt, knowledgeable, and who is interested in protecting your safety and property.  You need Scott the Bee Man!  We look forward to helping you solve your bee problem. Contact us today! Scott the Bee Man (480) 710-5637.

Scott The Bee Man is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living