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Saguaro Brothers: Deliver, design and plant high-quality cacti and trees to homeowners at an affordable price

Posted at 8:30 AM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 11:52:25-05

Saguaro Brothers LLC is an advertiser of Sonoran Living.

Saguaro Brothers LLC grew its roots long before the owners were born. The foresight of a family of farmers gave them their head start. The family farm in Maricopa, AZ, has numerous species of plants seeds grown thirty years ago. Saguaro Brothers' goal is to deliver high-quality plants to homeowners, nurseries, and landscapers at an affordable price. The numerous species of cacti, palms, and native Arizonian flora allow customers flexibility when working with the Brothers.

The Saguaro Brothers provide small and large-scale production with orders of cacti topping 200+ units to install a single palm. Their expertise comes in the movement, removal, and installation of those 'prickly' species. They won't stop at cacti, though, and can remodel your backyard into a tropical dream space with their exotic palms.

The Brothers enjoy delivering and planting their cacti. Many landscape companies sub-contract the brothers to plant a specific species. Yes! You guessed it…The Mighty Saguaro. The Saguaro Brothers can install up to 12' saguaros by hand! A feat in itself, as it weighs about 90 lbs/ft. The Brothers will revive the protected saguaro species and have the capabilities to design and remodel your yard.

Arizona has gifted us all with gorgeous beauty and sunshine. There is no better place to enjoy this gift than from the comfort of your home. The benefits of improving your living space are numerous. From decreasing maintenance and water costs with a southwestern desert-style or adding equity with a dreamy tropical setting we will make all your backyard fantasies come true.

At Saguaro Brothers, we are passionate about water. It is our most precious resource as human beings. We can't go for three days without water!!! This is probably cut in half in the Arizona desert during summertime. Luckily many of the plants are well adapted. As responsible civilians, native flora allows us to provide a drought-resistant product helping lower water bills and relieving pressure on drought conditions. Water is vastly expensive and often overlooked as a precious resource. Help us help you and our planet by creating a unique native Arizonian environment.

The Saguaro Brothers can help if you're after a unique mighty saguaro or want to capitalize on your dream backyard. Help us help you see your vision of creating a sustainable landscape for your future. So who with increasing that home value and ready to feel the peace of a fresh new space?

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