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Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic is now offering anti-aging treatments

Posted at 8:01 AM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 12:48:03-04

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Aging should be about intelligence, wisdom and grace, not wrinkles, aches and pains. Rx-O2 Hyperbaric clinic, in Glendale, AZ has been using Oxygen under pressure to help heal wounds for over 16 years, but new research shows that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may just be the fountain of youth. One of the most promising new studies showed that Hyperbaric Oxygen, or HBOT, can actually make your DNA biologically younger! As we age the ends of our DNBA, called Telomeres, will get shorter and shorter. If you ever wondered how those crime scene investigators determine a suspect's age based on a few strands of hair or flakes of skin, it's the Telomeres they are looking at. Now for the first time we are actually able to increase Telomere length, allowing our DNA to work as it should and decrease dysfunction down to the genetic level.

Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic has been an industry leader in providing HBOT for FDA approved conditions and now is offering anti-aging treatments with Oxygen under pressure. Shawn Smetzer, Rx-O2 clinic supervisor and certified hyperbaric tech, says " Aging is inevitable, but don't we all want to age gracefully and increase the quality of our lives?" She has been providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for over 20 years and has wonderful success stories to share, but has been really excited about this new research out of Israel. She has Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments as often as her schedule allows, even treating in her own home in a portable Hyperbaric chamber. Rx-O2 Hyperbaric clinic has recently added anti-aging packages to their treatments and patients are loving the results.

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