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Posted at 8:04 AM, Jan 23, 2018
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Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness is a multifaceted health center located in central Tempe Arizona.  Revive offers a multitude of services including Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Naturopathic Medicine.  Our mission is to address and treat the cause of the issue through customized and individualized treatment plans that get to the issue quickly.  Treatments are often integrated at Revive and you will be receiving the best of many worlds as our professionals utilize multiple adjunctive techniques including physical adjustments, dry needling, massage therapy, blood flow restriction training and myofascial release.  

Our therapists keep up to date with the most current techniques and treatments to ensure excellent patient care and education. Our goal is to not only get patients living pain-free but to create independence from their condition by education and creating specific home treatment plans that allow that patient to gain their autonomy and freedom without feeling reliant on medical care to live pain-free.  We are committed to creating a great patient experience that also helps to guide patients to more confidently navigate the medical system.  Often times, patients in pain are left at crossroads of options which more often than not include medications or surgery to manage the issue. Physical therapy is the best first line therapy for pain, and often times is the least expensive option long term.  

Our pain solutions are natural and minimalistic.  We do not utilize cookie-cutter physical therapy treatments.  Our therapists practice an integrative, hands on manual therapy approach that will ensure patient improvement while on the road to recovery.  As experts in our field, we serve as excellent resources for patients who may need more than physical therapy and require a specialist referral for more imaging, more invasive treatments or medications if needed.  It is our top priority to see improvement and we do not waste our time or our client's money if we know we cannot appropriately help.   If we cannot ensure a successful outcome, our therapists have excellent partnerships with pain specialists throughout the Valley and will ensure the correct plan of action is taken for the patient's best outcomes. 

Prepare to enjoy yourself at Revive, as treatment are always professional, educational and FUN! Patients are often surprised with how much one-on-one quality time they receive with our providers, and how friendly and fun our atmosphere is at Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness. We spend time with patients, we listen, answer questions and sometimes even sing or dance for our patients if they ask, and sometimes even if they don't.  Pain is never fun, but we do our best to ease the fear, anticipation and strive to set ourselves apart from other facilities through excellent patient care and education. Come see for yourself, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed with the care you receive at Revive.  

Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness
4703 S Lakeshore Dr. #2 
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Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living