Rally for Red: Mayo Clinic offers information on heart disease, exercise

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If you had access to medicine that would enable your heart to contract more efficiently, improve your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, control your glucose levels making it less likely that you would develop diabetes, strengthen your bones and muscles, open up new blood vessels to allow oxygenated blood to flow into your muscles giving you more energy and improve how you feel emotionally, and this medication could be free of charge with no side effects... would you take it?

Robert Scales, PhD, is an exercise specialist and director at Mayo Clinic Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness.

He says this medicine is exercise. All of these heart-healthy benefits can be realized through a well-designed physical activity and exercise program.

He says "well-designed" is an important factor because if a plan is badly designed there may be side effects.

For example, if someone has not exercised for a while or if they have some type of injury or health condition and begin exercising inappropriately, they may be at risk of injury.

The key is to train smart, he says.

First have a conversation with a primary care physician about starting an exercise routine.

Then partner with an exercise professional who will help you integrate exercise into your life in a way that is safe, therapeutic and hopefully at least somewhat pleasurable.

Do your part in preventing heart disease. Join Mayo Clinic, ABC15 and the Rally for Red program. Adopt a well-designed, heart healthy exercise program in your life.

To learn more and to get our "Rally for Red" reminders, sign up at abc15.com/rallyforred.

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