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Prolong the life of your windows and doors with All Star Patio Door Repair & Sun Screens

Posted at 8:26 AM, Sep 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-27 12:45:23-04

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Our weather is one of the main benefits to living in Arizona. While our winters are great, the summer heat can wreak havoc on homes through windows and doors.

One way to prolong the life of your windows and doors is to add sun screens to them.
If your patio door is exposed to direct sunlight, adding a screen door with UV protection is an inexpensive way to protect your door, helps your house be more energy efficient and also lets you enjoy some fresh air during our milder months.

Sunscreens on your windows can offer benefits to your home too, and do so in the following ways:

· Can reduce your home's temperature, making it more energy efficient. (50% of the heat in your home enters through the windows. Sunscreens can reduce your electric bill up to 25%)
· Protects your turf from being burned. (Window reflection acts like a magnifying glass and can easily burn your turf). Fun Fact: artificial turf begins to burn at 170°
· Can protect carpet, curtains, artwork and furniture from fading
· Provides daytime privacy, outward visibility, soft light and breezes when windows are open

Arizona summers not only bring the heat but also blowing dust. Our large haboobs (Dust storms) bring dust and dirt that collect in doorways, gumming up the rollers on your sliding door, making it difficult to operate them. No matter the temptation DO NOT use lubricant products like WD40 on the bottom of your door. A simple mixture of dish soap and water can clean your track. Cleaning prevents the need to have rollers replaced more often and unnecessary wear and tear on your track.

Door and Window maintenance and care, when done right, will save you 1000's in costly repairs years down the road.

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