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Pool leaks can be a costly headache! Call PinPoint Leak Detection & Repair

Posted at 8:06 AM, Dec 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-14 13:02:04-05

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PinPoint Leak Detection: Arizona's Pool Leak Experts

Pinpoint Leak Detection & Repair specializes in finding and repairing leaks in swimming pools, spas and fountains. Every year, Valley homeowners waste time, money and water - and continue to do damage to their homes - all because of undetected or unrepaired leaks. PinPoint finds the leak, fixes the leak and stops the clock ticking on costly repairs. If you've noticed a change in your water bill, pools of water collecting in your yard or even if you've purchased a new home and want to make sure there are no leaks, PinPoint can help you Valleywide - 602-777-0771.

Using state of the art technology, PinPoint techs are able to perform a variety of tests to accurately locate leaks every time. Once all the leaks are found, their own technicians will provide the necessary repairs. This allows PinPoint to work with the client from start-to-finish, saving them the stress of having to contact multiple companies.

On top of finding and fixing the leaks, they are able to restore the areas around a pool that underwent repairs. PinPoint finishes every job by putting everything back, patching up holes, and matching paint so that no one will ever even know you had work done in the first place.

Leak detection is a very specialized skill set and takes a great deal of knowledge that not every pool company has acquired. As a professional with more than 20 years of experience with pools, owner Ian Hanley finds it extremely important to have all the proper training, licensing, and high quality equipment so that the job can get done right the first time. But above all that, he stresses the importance of a hardworking team that is passionate about the job. He felt that he hadn't come across a leak detection company that embodied all of those traits, so he took it upon himself to create one.

Ian puts all of PinPoint's techs go through months of extensive, hands-on, training before they are even allowed to take on a job by themselves. PinPoint's motto of "Working with the Best" clearly showcases their drive to provide nothing but the best leak detection services to Arizona residents.

Pool leaks can be quite the headache for pool owners and the last thing they need is to pay for mediocre service. It's PinPoint's goal to resolve their clients' pool leak issues in order to relieve them of that stress and help them enjoy their pool as it was intended. Whether it's the technicians in the field or the managers in the office, they all work together to provide the best service possible time and time again. The longer a pool leak is allowed to go on, the more damage your pool and the surrounding areas will endure. So if you suspect you have a pool leak, give Pinpoint a call today.

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