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Pink Heals and Hlthe working to make giving personal again

Posted at 7:49 AM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 13:29:30-04

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Dave Graybill is a visionary leader who founded Pink Heals, Inc., a grass roots volunteer organization bringing love and hope to people on a local level and HLTHE (pronounced "healthy") LLC, a worldwide healthcare platform that is changing the way we accrue and spend our healthcare dollars.

Dave believes that our innate calling to serve those in need should be driven directly to the person in need. His vision is to change or replace the systems that do not support the driving force of this great nation, the people.

Pink Heals was founded on the premise that it is the steadfast heart of the woman that holds our families, communities and this country together. It is no mistake that Statue of Liberty is a woman, that Mother Nature rules the earth or that we refer to our nation as the Motherland. The vehicles are pink to signify women and their passion for selfless giving and they drive door to door to bring back the human element of celebrating people, and not the causes or ribbons that have become so commonplace. HLTHE was founded on the same core philosophy, using the power of the people to redirect money for healthcare back to the those in need through a platform that tracks the money from beginning to end.

Dave has been featured on CNN and nationally on countless news stations, newspapers and magazines. He has shared his passion for people to national audiences large and small. His book, Pink Heals, The Mending of America has been in circulation since 2011 and his years of door to door visits via the Pink Heals National Tour can be viewed on YouTube as well as Facebook and his website.