Personal Injury of Care of Arizona: What to do if injured in an accident

Posted at 7:48 AM, Jan 08, 2018
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Personal Injury Care of Arizona - Call us first.

We have all been taught to dial 911 as soon as we're involved in an accident to cover ourselves legally.  We have all been taught to get the insurance and contact information from the other party involved in the accident to cover ourselves with liability.  But what are we taught to do to cover ourselves medically when we're injured?  What are we supposed to do to evaluate and treat our bodies for potential injuries, which left untreated could stay with us the rest of our lives?  Should we go to the ER?  Should we go to our Primary Care?  What should we do?

At Personal Injury Care of Arizona we believe the first call after an accident should be made to a physician that is trauma trained.  An injured patient needs a physician that can conduct a complete evaluation in order to properly diagnose and develop a treatment plan specific to that patient and their injury.  That patient needs a good, trusted medical practice that can help treat their physical, emotional and financial needs.  We formed Personal Injury Care of Arizona so that every person involved in an accident has this available to them.  

Our goal at Personal Injury Care of Arizona is to remove the stress associated with personal injury, allowing you to focus on getting better.  Accident related medical treatment is not the only thing you need after an accident.  The other effects of an accident on your property, your ability to work, and your ability to maximize your insurance benefits are equally important to your recovery.  We take our advocacy for you as seriously as we do your medical care.  Our extensive network includes lawyers and affiliates who have proven to us they share our same patient-first value system.  We address every complicated aspect of getting you back on your feet after your accident, and can connect you with whoever you need to make sure every aspect is being handled in the way you deserve.

Call us first and we will help make sure you get the care and service you need in all aspects of your injury.

We provide:
●    Physicians providing injury evaluations and treatment management
●    Same or next day appointments
●    Interventional pain management
●    Injury rehab
●    Auto Injury treatment and care
●    Workers Comp treatment management
●    Spanish Speaking
●    Transportation arrangements - never miss an appointment
●    Secure online portal for all patient records
●    Convenient valley wide therapy locations

Personal Injury Care of Arizona has office in the East Valley and Phoenix. Give them a call at 1-844-PICARE1, or go to

Personal Injury Care of Arizona is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.