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Posted at 7:24 AM, Dec 15, 2017
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ARPwave Cosmetic by PCI Wellness

ARPwave is a system in which soft tissues are focused on via device analysis, to find the origin of pain or to strengthen and tighten underlying muscles no matter how large or small.  ARPwave Cosmetic treatments at PCI Wellness use the ARPwave system featuring FDA approved, state of the art patented electrical modality, combined with one-of-a-kind system protocols to tighten and lift the face, buttocks and tummy.

The Mini Face Lift- There are several applications for this therapy. You may want to reduce your wrinkles, you may want to tighten your skin and lift your brows or just simply lift a sagging jawline. Men and women alike are looking for non-surgical options with no down time! 
The Butt Lift- As we all know with age gravity begins to take over and the butt is one of those areas affected.  Not everyone is born with a JLO booty, however, now you can have the best booty for your body! This is a non invasive 30 minute treatment that strengthens and tones your posterior to naturally lift and add the fullness you are looking for.  

Tummy tightening- How many crunches can you do in a minute? The ARPwave contracts 500 times a second during every treatment!  ARPwave is designed to target those muscles in the abdomen and waist that typically require hours and hours in the gym. This treatment has no downtime and only takes 30 minutes to complete.  You will not only look great but feel great from the enhanced workout attributes experienced from the treatment!

The first 50 callers that mention they saw us on Sonoran Living will receive the first ARPwave Cosmetic treatment of their choice free of charge!

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PCI Wellness is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living