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Patient, Victoria Scott lost more than 70 lbs

Posted at 7:46 AM, Oct 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 13:53:37-04

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Struggling to lose weight? Before you jump into another fad diet or weight loss solution, visit a Valley Medical Weight Loss clinic near you for a free physician consultation.  Many physicians offering weight loss services will require money up front or expensive blood work prior to starting you on a diet program. Valley Medical's free weight loss consultation is the first big step in making sure you selected the right choice for your weight loss journey.  This reason alone is why Valley Medical is a top pick for Phoenix weight loss clinics.

Valley Medical Weight Loss understands the challenges to lose weight while juggling kids, careers, friends, family, and everything else in your day to day life.  That is why Valley Medical's clinics have adopted a "walk-in only" concept without the need for an appointment.  Patients are able to get in and out quickly on their time; when their schedule permits. Another factor that makes Valley Medical Weight Loss more attractive from other weight loss clinics is cost. They make it affordable with no up-front fees, no contracts with a simple "pay-as-you-go" concept.  Their most popular weight loss program is only $28.95 per week which includes a physician consult, appetite suppressant, weight loss supplements, b-12 shot and a meal plan.

Lack of energy is often the reason people don't stick to a diet, but with Valley Medical Weight Loss, their weight loss medications and injections can help boost energy.   People are more likely to stick to a weight loss plan when they have more energy and able to incorporate exercise into their diet program.  Accountability is another key factor.  Their weight loss programs and most importantly, support, are what separates Valley Medical from their competition. They work closely with their patients by holding them accountable with weekly weigh-ins and nutritional guidance.  They offer an entire team of support and encouragement for their patients by providing the tools to help curb their appetite, energize their body and empower patients to make a change for a happier, healthier life.

Over the past eight years Valley Medical Weight Loss has lead the battle of the bulge.  They have treated over 45,000 patients, received more than 500 positive reviews and have made it obtainable for everyone with their no up-front fees and affordable weight loss programs.  Their team of physicians have proven time and time again they have the magic formula to lose weight safely.  With all the dynamic reviews, patient success stories, and reputation of top notch care, satisfaction, and long-lasting results, Valley Medical Weight Loss remains to be amongst the top choice for supervised weight loss clinics in Phoenix.

Simplicity and success is their mission. They offer FDA-approved appetite suppressants, the HCG diet plan, weight loss supplements, B12 injections and fat burning injectables.  Something to fit anyone seeking to lose weight.  With three locations, a team of physicians and support staff, and convenient hours 6 days a week, Valley Medical Weight Loss is a top pick for medical weight loss clinics in the Phoenix area.