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Other People's Stuff: A way to save money and save time selling anything on wheels

Posted at 9:31 AM, Sep 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-07 13:53:54-04

Other People's Stuff is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living

Other People's Stuff is a unique marketplace where Sellers and Buyers connect to sell and buy all types of vehicles, RV's, trailers, boats, and even construction equipment! If it rolls or floats, it is welcomed through the gates opening onto a 5-acre paved, lighted and secured lot with 24/7 on-site security. Other People's Stuff is NOT a consignment store and NOT a dealership.

Everything is "For Sale by Owner" and there are NO middlemen. Sellers and Buyers deal directly with each other to negotiate and finalize their deal using our convenient private office space.

Sellers really like the convenience and ease of selling their property at Other People's Stuff. They simply lease a space, leave their keys and sit back and take the phone calls. We do all the advertising for them. No more strangers knocking at the front door. No more meeting shady characters at unsafe locations. No more wasted time meeting with tire-kickers or no-shows.

Once a Buyer finds something of interest on-line; they can view it in person before contacting the Seller directly to ask questions and negotiate the deal. Buyers are thrilled because the best part of a private party sale is Buyers do not have to pay any sales tax! Buyers save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on every sale. Sellers are just as happy because they typically get full retail: no more wholesale dealer trade-ins or consignment commissions.

Customers of Other People's Stuff successfully sell over 55% of the inventory in 2 weeks or less: and if it doesn't sell in 60 days, it costs you nothing-guaranteed! We are conveniently located on the east service drive of Black Canyon Highway just north of Northern Avenue.

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