Optima Vein Care offers ultrasound imaging, in-office procedures

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The evaluation and treatment of varicose veins has never been easier thanks to the introduction of ultrasound imaging and in office procedures including endovenous laser, minimal phlebectomies and sclerotherapy.

Varicose veins are only one of the consequences of a breakdown of the venous system and others include painful, aching, heavy legs and spider veins, itching or discolored skin, and even ulcerations or bleeding.

A one hour consultation including an ultrasound evaluation is all that is necessary to make a diagnosis and formulate an individual treatment plan.

Treatments are performed in the office by one of our board certified physicians with little or no downtime.

Our office staff will determine the insurance coverage and provide the patient with the financial coverage to enable them to go forward with treatments.

Optima Vein Care has three convenient locations and has treated more that 10,000 patients since 2005.

Optima Vein Care

8575 E. Princess Drive, Suite 117

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 220-4392

Optima Vein Care is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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