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One Hour Air Conditioning: the real reason to maintain your AC

Posted at 7:28 AM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 13:03:30-04

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Your HVAC system is what keeps you comfortable and makes your home somewhere you want to be year round. To avoid an interruption to the level of comfort you expect in your home, experts say that you need to have regular HVAC maintenance performed on your system. Here are three reasons why you need to stick to a regular HVAC maintenance schedule.

Warranties on HVAC units last anywhere from one to ten years. But they're only good if certain conditions are met at the time you invoke the warranty. If you haven't followed the terms of the warranty, you are far less likely to get warranty service, if you even get it at all. One of the conditions usually found in an HVAC warranty is getting regular maintenance on the unit.
Manufacturer warranties don't cover the cost of replacement should a catastrophic failure occur. The parts that are typically covered are large components such as compressors, coils and electrical components.
You, as the owner of the unit, are expected to maintain the unit, ensure that the wiring is checked, parts are lubricated and that air filters are changed regularly. To ensure this process is done correctly and recorded, you should at least do biannual maintenance. However, establishing a year round maintenance plan with a licensed and reputable HVAC company is the best option.

In our extreme Arizona summer heat, the components in an HVAC system are subject to greater wear and tear than units located in a less extreme environment. You may not know that something inside a unit is about to break. Bearings in the motors sometimes make noise as they begin to fail, but not always. A technician is trained to spot the known signs that come with any of these problems. Fans will wobble off center when a bearing is starting to go bad, contactors can become pitted and weld themselves shut or capacitors can lose their oomph and fall out of spec. These are just a few things that a well-trained technician, with the proper tools, can identify.
When a technician spots any of these issues in the early stages, they can repair the problem quickly and easily, and usually with less expense.

It's not unusual for HVAC units to lose efficiency with age. Parts get worn and tend to lose their ability to provide maximum power. You may not notice this right away, instead, you might see that your energy bills go up a little bit, but not to an amount that alarms you. Eventually, you'll begin to see significant spikes in energy costs. These are classic signs that your HVAC unit is starting to wear out. Regular maintenance on the components in your HVAC system helps keep your system running at peak operating efficiency. You won't be able to completely stop the ravages of time, but you will get the most out of your HVAC until it's time to replace it.

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