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One Hour Air Conditioning offers each customer peace of mind when doing business with them

Posted at 7:52 AM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 17:50:29-04

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In Air Conditioning, the difference between a Warranty and a Guarantee basically comes down the what the manufacturer does and what the company that installs the units does.

The warranty generally covers the manufacturing of the unit, insuring it is free from
defects and will operate it as described.  But when it comes to air conditioning there are far more considerations which include everything from properly sizing the unit to laying the correct ducting.  The most important day in the life of an air conditioning unit is the day 9t is installed.

Before you sign a deal, read the guarantees.  One that we have read says that their system are guaranteed for the "Life of the System".  Think about this a second.  The system is warrantied until it breaks.  

Make sure you deal with a company that guarantees the working parameters of the system.  If you want your home to be at 72 degrees when it is 110 outside, make sure that is guaranteed.  Make sure the that once a price shows up on a contract that you are guaranteed to pay no more than that amount.  And by all means make sure the company your work with guarantees that all of the people who they send into your home and background checked and drug free.

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