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North Shore Living Herbs talks about the joy and benefits of cooking with living herbs

Posted at 7:24 AM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 12:19:40-05

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Add Living Herbs For A Delicious Holiday And Conquering New Year's Resolutions
We all know how it's gone in years' past: the holidays are stressful. We worry. We overeat. Then we roll into the New Year resolving a new healthier life only to recede into old habits.

But this "thyme" it's different.
This year, we'll be ready for the tastiest holiday season yet and launch into a new year with aspirations of grandeur and success.
Here are 3 wonderful ways to make your holidays tasty and kick start your healthier New Year!

#1 - Eat. Real. Food. We all want a healthier diet but we also want flavor and variety. North Shore Living Herbs say you can have both! Delivered to your favorite retailer with the life-giving roots still attached, North Shore Living Herbs are the best addition to any holiday feast as well as a highly-acclaimed addition to a healthy diet. Look for them in Bashas, Fry's, Sprouts, AJ's and Smart & Final.

According to the Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, herbs only have 4-6 hours after harvest before they begin to deteriorate. By adding Living Herbs to our dishes, we become the farmer harvesting them in our own kitchens! This means we access all the wonderful anti-inflammatory and beneficial oils and enzymes Mother Nature intended! And unlike cut herbs that have woody stems, Living Herbs have tender stems that require less prep time and offer more delicious product.

When we go to buy herbs, we should all look for that tell-tale root ball. We deserve the freshest!

#2 - Nothing's Better Than Living!
According to Dr. Josh Axe, New York Times Bestselling author of "Keto Diet," herbs are a key for a healthy transition to a more vibrant, energy-producing lifestyle. And while this certain diet protocol may not be the solution for all of us, adding Living Herbs will strengthen our healthy decisions. These herbs are hydroponically grown in greenhouses, making them available and safe all year long. We can use them salads, smoothies, delicious, infused water or all of our favorite holiday dishes. And there's more!

We can even decorate with them! Creating gorgeous and fragrant holiday centerpieces. This not only impresses our friends, but confirms our commitment to Living with freshness and health! If we're looking to make every home-cooked meal feel like a special occasion, like the bountiful feasts we enjoy through the holidays, North Shore Living Herbs help us accomplish this with ease.

#3 - Every Small Step Counts
While much of our culture convinces us that grand ideas are the way to accomplish our goals, the most recent research shows taking small steps daily will create more positive change than massive pendulum swings. So start simple. Adding delicious, beautiful herbs to daily life can be that easy step that leads to a New Year of possibility and bountiful enjoyment of all things this life has to offer. If you'd like more ideas and inspiration check out for recipes and DIY projects.

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