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NeuroHealth Solutions offers a Proactive Intervention to living with COVID-19

Posted at 8:05 AM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 12:28:48-04

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NeuroHealth Solutions offers a Proactive Intervention to living with COVID-19. To see full article click, here.

COVID-19 may be the first truly shared human experience. The pandemic will inevitably touch the lives of every person in every part of the World. It has already had profound effects on the world's healthcare delivery systems, its economy and our general sense of security. It is likely to have geopolitical implications we cannot begin to understand or predict. There is also the infection itself and its aftermath. Today there is no way to prevent its spread long-term, no cure, and the treatment consists of reacting to symptoms which are unpredictable. NeuroHealth Solutions, applies an evidenced-based approach to problems to develop proactive therapeutic interventions based on available scientific data. In response to the immediate need for interventional alternatives to address COVID-19, NeuroHealth Solutions developed an integrative multifactorial medical Care Management strategy. It is a simple solution to a complex problem. The model has four components: Identification, Stratification, Fortification and Verification. NeuroHealth Solutions is using existing technologies like telehealth and available testing to identify those at high risk, to fortify the immune response, to mitigate the damage caused by Infection and in some cases the treatment, and to rehabilitate those who are recovering from COVID-19 to prevent a devastating second infection. We can not continue to hide from each other forever, social distancing is not natural to humans and is unhealthy.

The integrative medical protocols deployed by the NHS health and wellness team act upon five basic physiological mechanisms in order to treat acquired brain injuries and chronic disease processes. These five basic physiological mechanisms are the foundation for any injury process, whether it be structural, viral, or bacterial. These mechanisms include the immune response, inflammation, oxidative stress, hemodynamics relative to the integrity of the Central Nervous System and dysautonomia of the Autonomic Nervous System and the accompanying cytokine storm. The NHS therapies interact with neuroprotective mechanisms to compliment
the body's immune system response. Part of the immune response is inflammation which occurs as a result of injured tissue. Tissue can be injured by bacteria, trauma, toxins, etc., and consequently release chemicals that cause blood vessels to secrete fluid into the tissues, thus creating edema or swelling. Swelling allows the body to isolate the foreign entity and prevent further contact with bodily tissue. Oxidative stress describes an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants, and this imbalance is often an adverse effect of the immune system processes. Injuries, both structural and biological, often compromise blood flow, which hinders the circulation of oxygen around the body and the organ systems.

NeuroHealth Solutions (NHS) offers forward-thinking solutions for people suffering from infectious disease, traumatic brain injuries, stroke and other neurological disorders. Applying state-of-the-art integration of neuroscience technology, NHS deploys proprietary systems and a unique battery of integrated medical interventions to reduce risk factors and promote recovery and rehabilitation.
NHS has taken the initiative to respond to a high level of interest in integrative strategies to augment federal public health measures focused on prevention of COVID-19. Unfortunately, because the disease is caused by a novel virus there have been no treatments or interventions validated in human trials as effective for COVID-19. NHS has developed a proactive set of interventions which focuses on risk identification, exposure fortification, infectious disease mitigation through care management and recovery to supplement the CDC recommendations of social distancing, hand washing, and testing under the guidance of a health care provider.

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