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Posted at 7:49 AM, Nov 06, 2017
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MBYork is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

On-air TV Personality, New York Fashion Week reporter and an internationally recognized Expert on Fashion, Beauty, and Vegetarian Living, M.B. York's mission is to make the planet-and those on it-more beautiful.

Mary Beth York is recognized globally as a celebrity stylist, makeup artist, spa developer and creator of her signature line of cosmetics, skincare and fashion accessories.

Her Beauty Ammo Kits and Rock Your Tube dresses have become staples on the sets of top TV shows and she frequently styles A-list celebrities for magazine covers, photo shoots, red carpet events, music videos and more!

"I have a huge passion for style and a love for creating, naming, and branding products as well as bringing them to women in a simple, easy-to-love form at great prices. And because of my professional relationships with some of the most creative talent in the world, I've proven I can be a great translator of trends for the everyday women" states Mary Beth.

Coupled with a strong desire to teach women how to empower themselves through beauty, fitness, fashion and "Abundant Living" concepts, it comes as no surprise that M.B. York is often referred to as "Hollywood's Secret Weapon".

Q:  Has there been a defining moment is your career that stands out most?

A:"My most meaningful experiences are when I have the opportunity to introduce and share my practice and products with other Hollywood stylists. They get excited because they understand that the simplicity of my products can enhance the techniques that they have been developing and perfecting for years. All of my celebrity endorsements come from the stars I've worked with directly or through their stylists that consistently use and enjoy my products. These are genuine, unpaid for endorsements for the transformative powers of my product lines."

Her newest release, The Rock Your Tube dress is a deceptively simple and sexy tube dress that can be worn in multiple configurations to rock your "Inner Fashionista". Made of a simple cotton lycra mix, it delivers both versatility and comfort and can be worn as a skirt, shirt, dress, even bathing suit cover up making it perfect for both travel and everyday wear.    

MBYork inside of Jo Paris Salon
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MBYork is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.