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Posted at 7:14 AM, Nov 10, 2017
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Triple Threat: Vegan Magical Trio

Having worked on thousands of women as both a makeup artist and esthetician I hear the same thing repeatedly from all of my clients. They feel overwhelmed with all the beauty products available and don't know who to trust. From spas, med spas, salons, drug stores, or department stores, it seems in every price category there are lots of promises made or inferred, but unfortunately there is more disappointment than satisfaction with the results. How does anyone know where to begin? I have found my niche by quickly solving these problems in the simplest way possible.

So first, who do you trust? I get daily feedback from my clients and know first hand what works and what doesn't. Women want a very simple regime that gives them results at an affordable price without any irritation. They want their lines to soften, brown spots to fade, puffiness and dark circles under their eyes to go away, and to have hydrated, dewy skin that makes them look younger than their age. 

My 3 Step Magical Trio includes WHOA-TOX Topical Magic, Marine Magic Moisturizer, and Unpack Your Bags Eyegel-all which are vegan, paraben-free and deliver powerful results packed with anti-oxidants.  Whoa-Tox includes an ingredient called Arguline that instantly softens lines and increases firmness along with Vitamins A, C, E, CoQ10, Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Lightening Agents for brown spots, Lavender, Peppermint and feels amazing immediately while also delivering clinically proven results of wrinkle and brown spot reduction in the first 60 days of using! The Marine Magic Moisturizer is formulated with red marine algae from the Hawaiian Islands and also is clinically proven to increase hydration and firmness within the first 30 days of morning and night application. It smells amazing with essential oils and is completely hypoallergenic. My clients LOVE this moisturizer, and not only is it extremely hydrating, but it does not feel heavy. To top it off, the Unpack Your Bags Eyegel is clinically proven to increase collagen production naturally with Matrixyl 3000 ( a natural form of retinol), lighten dark circles with licorice, and deflate those annoying eye bags! Unload this baggage and check your skepticism at the gate because my products do what they say. And at affordable, amazing prices. 

·    Get my Triple Threat Magical Trio for only $150 (Normally $245) 
·    OR Mix & Match! 
o    Whoa Tox $75 (Normally $125)
o    Marine Magic Moisturizer $45 (Normally $75)
o    Unpack Your Bags Eyegel $35 (Normally $45)

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MB York is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.