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Massage Therapy Fusion can bring the gift of massage to you anytime in the comfort of your home

Posted at 9:00 AM, Nov 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-28 11:00:27-05

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Founder of Massage Therapy Fusion, Christina, believes that massage is not just a luxury but a door in the right direction for anyone to have a healthier and healing lifestyle. She continues to grow in her expanded business, and her contracted therapists learn alongside her so she can help them uphold similar ideals within their own practices. Initially, this is what sets Christina apart from her business competitors. Her personal mission is for Massage Therapy Fusion to be a well reputable business that functions with ethical integrity, caters to her therapist's growth, and client's well-being.

That is why Massage Therapy Fusion consists of a skilled team of independent contract, licensed massage therapists that give quality massage and concierge service to Fusion clients. Concierge massage therapy treatments means that clients can receive their customized sessions in the comfort of their home, office, or hotel. The therapist will bring everything needed for the session; table/chair, linens, oils, and music.

A session's allotted time consists of true hands-on time, where the set-up and breakdown of materials or a therapist's travel time does not count in the paid time of the session. For example, a sixty-minute massage paid for is a full sixty minutes of hands-on service in the comfort of your home. Massage Therapy Fusion services include 60, 90, or 120-minute full table sessions and scheduling opportunity for bigger parties such as 15-minute chair massages for employees/guests.

The Massage Therapy Fusion team holds members that specialize with different massage techniques from relaxation, deep tissue, structural, sports, trigger, point, lymphatic drainage, and cranial sacral. Currently the team holds a therapist that additionally specializes in Neural Reset Therapy and Cupping. When clients receive a massage treatment in any of these techniques, they get an opportunity to encourage better blood flow, detoxification, and relaxation of the muscles through fascia and trigger point release.

Implementing massage therapy into your life is a wonderful way to check in and treat your body. People's lives are busy on the grind and can be chaotic, so it is imperative that everyone prioritizes a time to decompress. Everyone stores emotional stress in their body, but that can only go so long until one needs to release those stored tensions. Massage Therapy Fusion believes that the world would be a better place if everyone received massage at least once a week!

Consistency with treatment is the best promotor to help keep one in practice of self-care. Some Massage Therapy Fusion clients commit to having a session once a week, some bi-monthly, and others monthly-based on their scheduling needs and what is most comfortable for them! Massage Therapy Fusion has easy and convenient online gift certificate purchasing as well for others to give the gift of total relaxation.

You can go onto the website to see which therapist travels to your area, and schedule directly online at: or you can call the business phone at 602-472-1290 for assistance with scheduling. Depending on availability, you can schedule as early as the next day! For the holiday season Massage Therapy Fusion even has a few treats for you:

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