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Light Body Sculpting can help with your medical makeover

Posted at 8:02 AM, Feb 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 14:51:40-05

Light Body Sculpting is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

Welcome to Light Body Sculpting! The business whose initials are unintentionally lbs!
We are first and foremost a unique, personalized holistic natural healthcare facility offering a variety of Doctor-Supervised wellness programs. Our programs include weight loss, diabetes, insomnia, hormone stress and much more. The foundation of each program is safe detoxification; they are designed to cleanse the body of mucous, waste, toxins and contaminants, improve digestive function, increase fat-burning ability and strengthen elimination systems.

Our most popular program is weight loss. Our goal for you is to determine if you are burning fat or retaining it, and if you're retaining fat - why? What is the primary cause and contributing factors?

This is where we explore your health history to create a custom plan for you.

After more than 24 years of practice I've seen a revolving door of fads come and go in the world of nutrition, weight loss and exercise. Injections, pills, 500 calorie diets, HIIT workouts, boxed foods, orange chemical drinks (why always orange??), processed canned shakes, juicing fasts, food combination diets and many more create a world of confusion. Especially when everyone who walks through the door is treated with the same exact plan! Well I'm sorry - 1 size does NOT fit all! (Yes, pun intended) Can everyone tolerate hcg shots or a 500 cal diet? Can everyone tolerate High-Intensity work outs or boxed chemical foods? Why does everyone have the same "point" system? 

The whole person must be considered! Who you are as a whole person is vital in understanding your personal needs. It's essential. So we take you out of that square peg and consider your age, gender, health history, past & current activity levels, injuries, food sensitivities and overall lifestyle. That is when we can make the most responsible and effective recommendations for you to release unhealthy fat and keep it off! We use only 100% organic plant-based supplement products, a food plan comprised of 100% whole foods, advanced technology to support behavior modification and strengthen mindset, and finally, adjunctive therapies to enhance safe fat loss and toxin flushing. All systems are non-invasive and FDA approved.

Now there are those individuals who truly just want a quick fix and love our treatments as body contouring only. For some the natural route just isn't fast enough. We say go to Cool Sculpting with our blessing! Liposuction? Have at it!

We're here to help on a much bigger scale. We want the exhausted frustrated individual who wants their life back. We hear you when you say you're "sick and tired of being sick and tired". You know something is wrong and you just want to feel vibrant and energetic again. You want to feel better in your skin. Yes we hear you. Help is here. In 
North Scottsdale. And we're ready. 

Light Body Sculpting
8575 E. Princess Drive, North Scottsdale (101/Princess. In Princess Medical Bldg) 

Light Body Sculpting is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.