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Learn more about ditching your dentures at a free seminar hosted by Revive Dental Implant Center

Posted at 7:51 AM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 12:55:26-04

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The Top 5 Reasons People Struggle With Dentures:
1) Embarrassment & Emotional Pain
2) Uncomfortable
3) Very Limiting Diet
4) Inconsistency in Chewing Food for Digestion
5) Bone & Gum Shrinkage.

There are two main dental implant options that can combat these 5 top reasons for denture struggles which include "snap-in" dentures and "permanent" implant bridges. Snap-in implant dentures can be done with as few as two dental implants and can increase your chewing function up to 4 times that of not having any implants to stabilize your denture. The permanent implant bridges can replace your teeth that were once lost, allowing you feel like a normal person again with as little as 4 dental implants.

There are many misconceptions about dental implants. The top 5 misconceptions of dental implants are:

1) They're painful. Many don't realize that having a dental implant placed to replace a tooth or stabilize dentures is less painful than having a tooth extracted and can be done in a matter of a short office visit under local anesthetic.

2) They have to heal forever. Dental implants are like cars....there are many many companies that make them and they are all made differently. There are expensive ones on the market, as well as very cheap ones that the dentist can buy. At Revive Dental we use one of the top 3 dental implant companies in the world that are fast healing for a quicker treatment time for the patient. Most healing times are 6-8 weeks.

3) They don't work and fail a lot. There are certain principles that much be followed for a successful and predictable implant treatment. We would go as far as say that it is not the dental implants that are inconsistent, it is the human beings that they are placed in. Dental implants are documented to have above 98% success rate.

4) People with bone density issues or health problems such as diabetes can't have implants placed. There are ways to test these types of diseases and if it is safe to place dental implants in these individuals. At Revive, we've placed thousands of implants and have rarely had to turn anyone away that wasn't a candidate.

5) They're too expensive. Depending on what is being done, the cost can be a burden which is why we are encouraging attendance to our Dental Implant Seminar on August 29th @ 6pm. Attendees will qualify for a significant discount and learn about financing options that they can qualify for that will help align the finances to their lifestyle.

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