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Learn more about art therapy for children in foster care

Posted at 9:31 AM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-08 13:01:04-04

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Sahitha Vuddagiri, a junior at BASIS Chandler, launched a nonprofit business in 2017, EaselArts Inc. Through her non-profit, she volunteers at various organizations, teaches art to fundraise for underprivileged children, and supports arts advocacy. Originally targeting family and friends, EaselArts now collaborates with multiple organizations throughout the state including ASA Now, Sunshine Acres, and the Welcome to America Project. Funds raised are donated to various charities and programs both locally and globally such as Kerala Flood Fund, Feed My Starving Children, Boys and Girls Club, and Legends Chess. Starting off with a simple goal of giving back to the community.

Sahitha introduced several art workshops to fundraise for specific causes. EaselArts raised money for disaster relief for the floods in Kerala, India, and facilitated art workshops over school breaks for younger children. Over time, EaselArts Inc. has raised and donated over $20,000. She then broadened the scope of her outreach as her own skill level and confidence flourished. She expanded her business by using social media advertising to sell hundreds of handmade holiday greeting cards to individuals and businesses.

After graduating from several art schools, Sahitha began to teach all ages and levels of art students, along with holding more workshops for larger numbers of participants. The 8-hour daily classes during school breaks and 4-hour workshops held quarterly raised additional funds for her select organizations.

The mission of her nonprofit narrowed down more recently focusing on the importance of art therapy. Through her work with children and experience at ASA Now along with other organizations, her nonprofit is focused around arts advocacy and the benefits as art for mental health. To learn more about ASA Now visit

Acting as a creative outlet to channel frustration and emotions, the benefits that come from art and other imaginative forms of expression are endless. Art positively impacts children, playing an integral part in their development. This knowledge has directed EaselArts' and Sahitha's attention towards arts advocacy and art therapy in general. She is currently working on a research project center around art therapy in order to further her knowledge and contribute more to underserved communities through her nonprofit. In order to know more about her organization, visit