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Kate Ellis with The Healing Quest says she can help manage your pain without drugs

Posted at 8:02 AM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 12:50:50-04

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"Can pain be a form of anxiety or does anxiety derive from experiencing pain? There is no easy answer. You could be injured from an accident, from a car wreck or fall. What about pain that just seems to appear? No rhyme, no apparent reason. You go from doctor to specialist doctor, perhaps even physical therapy yet still you are plagued by pain limiting your life in so many ways.

I have found that no matter how the pain began, from an injury or out of the blue, you can adjust the amount of pain you are experiencing. Have you ever heard someone say they have a "high or low" pain tolerance? How is that possible being we all have the same nerve endings… It is because pain is a perception. Often if you are under stress the pain and discomfort is magnified.

With hypnotherapy you can turn down, like a volume control the amount of pain you experience. To a tolerable level, and for many, release it completely. In many instances pain is a symptom of anxiety which can manifest in many forms and guises; Migraine headaches, IBS, colitis even Crohns disease even depression.

People have had amazing results when seeking Pre-surgical hypnotherapy. Surgery is not a pleasant experience, especially giving control of your well being to nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists. It can be a very scary endeavor. Your subconscious mind is in control of your autonomic or sympathetic nervous system: your breathing, heart rate, sweat and bleeding rate. Undergoing hypnotherapy before a procedure can allow you to feel comfortable and less fearful, your body to tolerate and respond to the anesthesia well and quickly detoxify following surgery. It can reduce the amount of bleeding where the incision is made and most of all, reduce and more often than not, eliminate the need for pain medications when you are discharged from the hospital or surgery center.

Your mind is truly awesome. It is very much like a tool; You have to know how to use it the correct way to achieve results. In most instances 3-7 sessions are required. With each session the experience of pain and discomfort reduce to a place where you manage it, reduce or even eliminate medications which allow you to live your life without limits. You are an Unending Horizon."

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