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KangaSnooze: Safer, more comfortable sleep for babies

Posted at 7:52 AM, May 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-02 12:47:28-04

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KangaSnooze is an alternative wearable baby blanket providing a safer and more comfortable sleep for babies.

KangaSnooze was designed by a Mompreneur looking to solve a problem for her son. KangaSnooze was a thought and then branded into what it is today. What exactly is KangaSnooze and why is it different from any other wearable baby blankets? Its versatility makes it different.

KANGASNOOZE is designed to cover babies from midsection down. KangaSnooze gives babies the freedom to stretch their arms and use them as needed once rolling from front to back. It's recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to not swaddle babies past two months old. KangaSnooze hugs your baby's midsection giving that comfort of a light touch from mom or dad, helping babies sleep. BUT….. did you know KangaSnooze provides more than a safer and cozier sleep?

KangaSnooze is a wearable baby blanket that becomes that every day, all day, babies favorite blanket. HOW? KangaSnooze, is a blanket that does not fall off. It has a patent pending sewed insert inside of the blanket and a soft elastic waistband that grows with your baby. KangaSnooze can be worn anywhere and will stay on.

KangaSnooze has reviews and testimonials that parents are loving the KangaSnooze for stroller walks. No more random speed bump by the old traditional baby blanket getting caught at the wheel of the stroller. KangaSnooze stays on, no matter how much the baby kicks. KanagSnooze was designed with safety in mind as well as motor skill development and muscle mass growth for your baby. "After all, this is a mom who designed the product." From the type of elastic to the amount of stitches per inch and carefully choosing a material that is sensitive to babies skin and not overheating to baby. KangaSnooze was thoughtfully designed, even thinking of your little baby's feet in mind. The bottom corners of each KangaSnooze is designed with pleats, allowing your baby's feet to lay naturally. This provides the baby with more comfort and mobility. Baby can move and groove however he/she wants.

KangaSnooze is the only wearable baby blanket that gives a baby full body range movement without restrictions. Babies can move, crawl and stretch in their KangaSnooze till their hearts are content. Fingers are free to help babies learn how to self soothe. Mostly you'll know your baby is safer in the wearable baby blanket. No loose materials in the sleeping area is important to help reduce SIDS.

KangaSnooze is offered in 100% soft cotton, blue, pink, fairy tale, and honey bear print. 100% soft polyester is available in cream and white. Available size: 0-9months/OSFM (one size fits most).

KangaSnooze was ultimately designed to be simple. No velcro, zippers, or buttons are on KangaSnooze eliminating possible scratches from velcro and eliminating possible pinch of skin from a zipper of button. Simplicity was KangaSnooze's goal along with safety and comfort in mind. "KangaSnooze,I do what I do in my KangaSnooze wearable baby blanket."

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