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Josie Brandon discusses a free Pain to Promise Workshop

Posted at 8:54 AM, Jan 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-02 16:43:41-05

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Josie Brandon is a Quantum Business Strategist, Josie Brandon has spent 20 years leading companies and entrepreneurs into wisdom and wealth. Josie's speaking, writing and educating has been published and celebrated on television, magazine, radio and in business platforms across the world. Josie Brandon believes and teaches the importance of understanding the quantam process within oneself and the necessity for bridging the gap in broken systems in companies and within people.
Josie Brandon represents business owners, professionals, publishing, wholesalers, inventors, distributors and e-commerce placement vendors who want to make a difference in the world. She is the author and international advocate of "Building A Business That Changes Human History" creating a networking power representing and uplifting over 100 million commodities and global resources.
In an effort to help heal humanity and stop the chain of events that hinder people's lives and keeping a promise to the one she leaned on continuously to rebuild her own life, Josie Brandon presents the Pain to Promise Workshop a full day Christian workshop designed to inspire and ignite positive changes in a person's life.
The Pain to Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon is a powerful full day workshop that helps take someone out of depression, doubt and diagnosis and bring them into the truth about hope, love and helping direct and helping direct a better outcome in their lives.
Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon is a free event. People at this event will discover why they might be stuck and attain information they have the liberty of applying in their lives release the negative past influences in their lives and move forward in life.
The Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon is a Christian workshop, where she does talk about Jesus, teach about Jesus and share his love and healing.
If you or someone you know if looking to Breakthrough the chains of negative thoughts and living, the workshop guarantees you will get a breakthrough. Whether it is a new thought, a new awareness, a new way to process change, a new way to look into the past and future… seeds will be planted to get you from understanding pain to promise.

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