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HomeVestors® / We Buy Ugly Houses® Phoenix will pay cash for your home

Posted at 6:24 AM, Jun 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-17 12:09:27-04

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For 25 Years, HomeVestors has Ensured Home Sellers Always Have a Buyer Available

HomeVestors® is marking 25 years of buying ugly houses in 2021. The original We Buy Ugly Houses® company, which pioneered an industry, continues driving local revitalization in the 176 markets it serves nationwide, including Phoenix. Boasting more than 1,150 independently owned and operated franchises today, the company's franchises have been trusted by over 105,000 homeowners to buy their houses. In 2020, a year that saw many buyers withdraw from the market, its franchises continued buying and purchased 10,000 houses.

Before Fixer Upper and the iBuyers, HomeVestors was recruiting and training real estate investors to recognize potential in houses traditional buyers might not consider. The process not only gave sellers more options, especially those in difficult situations or with properties that had problems, but it also drove the reintroduction of valuable real estate assets in areas like Phoenix, supporting revitalization and an affordable housing supply.

"Broadly, people call this house flipping, but we don't like to think of it in those terms as our franchises take a deeper and more involved approach to their properties, going all the way to fix any issues and make them homes that will be loved for years to come," said David Hicks, chief executive officer of HomeVestors. "When we started this business, not a lot of people recognized the latent potential sitting in neighborhoods nationwide that some elbow grease couldn't fix. Today, more than 80 percent of the houses we purchase were built before 1980 and re-enter the market as much improved quality real estate."

In creating a valuable supply of housing for first-time buyers, We Buy Ugly Houses® local small business owners also help raise real estate values and drive new development. In Phoenix, local real estate has continued strong thanks to the ongoing activity of these local buying experts. Over the last year, franchises continued buying houses for cash, not just from those that have "ugly" houses, but also from many local homeowners taking advantage of historic market growth and low mortgage rates to move-up. Sellers wanting to leverage their home equity frequently turned to HomeVestors because they can most quickly and reliably offer a hassle-free transaction.

Also, with the historic housing shortage, many buyers face a difficult limbo in having to coordinate both buying and selling at the same time. With few houses for sale locally, and for those trying to sell and buy, the process is complicated by sellers not being willing to take contingencies. Couple that with the complications of having to schedule and wait on inspections, repairs, negotiations, and all of the uncertainties of coordinating financing, and the We Buy Ugly Houses company becomes an ideal option to avoid some of the hassle and uncertainty that comes with a traditional sale. Because HomeVestors is America's number one home buyer, sellers have confidence that the firm cash offer they receive will close as promised, creating more certainty for their timelines.

Homeowners interested in receiving a no cost or obligation personal consultations for their home can connect with a Phoenix We Buy Ugly Houses franchise by calling 1-800-44-BUYER or visiting