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If you're like most Arizonans you hate the way your tap water tastes, you've spent thousands on salt for old-fashioned water softeners, bottled water to drink and you're worried about what might be in the water your family bathes and showers in. But there's so much mis-information about home water treatments system it's hard to know which one is right for you.

Here are the facts:

1. NEVER even consider a water system that doesn't treat ALL of the water coming into your home BEFORE it reaches your family.

2. Most water softeners don't FILTER anything - they simply replace the healthy calcium and magnesium our bodies need (and nature intended for us to get from the water we drink) with salt. They leave all the chlorine and contaminants in the water your family bathes and showers in. You'll be buying salt for the rest of your life and dumping salty brine back into our water supply.

3. Under-sink reverse osmosis units remove all the calcium and magnesium too and (according to the World Health Organization) leave your water too acidic to drink. R.O. units also only treat the water at the kitchen sink, so your family is still exposed to all the bad things in our water in the shower, where chlorine and contaminants are absorbed up to 7 times faster through your skin than if you drank them. They waste up to four gallons of water for every gallon they produce or up to 10,000 gallons of water (enough to fill a normal sized swimming pool) every year, and require frequent expensive filter and membrane changes.

4. Bottled water is NOT a long-term solution to your drinking water needs. Most bottled water is produced by reverse osmosis and has had the healthy calcium and magnesium removed and is likewise too acidic to drink.

The H2O Concepts whole house water system treats ALL of the water in your home BEFORE it reaches your family and gives you:

A. Great tasting water at EVERY faucet so you'll never buy another case of bottled water

B.    Takes out chlorine and contaminants in the water your family bathes and showers in so they're not absorbed through their skin

C.    Leaves the healthy calcium and magnesium your body needs IN, and takes the bad stuff out - EVERYWHERE in your home

D.    Virtually eliminates hard water problems - so no more stubborn scaly white deposits on faucets and fixtures

E.    Doesn't use salt - so your skin feels cleaner - not slimy like softened water. And, your skin won't feel dry because of bathing in water softener salt

F.    Maintenance free - there's no salt to add, filters to change and NO more buying bottled water, because healthier, great tasting water is as close as the nearest faucet.

For a limited time, if you call H2O Concepts at 623-582-5222 and mention you saw the system on Sonoran Living Live you'll get:

A.    A special manufacturer's rebate
B.    A trade-in allowance on your old system
C.    Free normal installation
D.    And financing is available to fit any budget, OAC

Get healthier, great tasting water at every faucet, no chlorine or contaminants in the shower, no added water softener salt, or acidic reverse osmosis water and say "Goodbye" to hard water problems forever!

Call H2O Concepts today at: 623-582-5222, or visit www.h2oconcepts.com.

H2O Concepts is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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