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Got joint pain and need surgery? Wait! Meet the doctors at Phoenix Spine & Joint.

Posted at 8:32 AM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 11:08:52-05

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Phoenix Spine & Joint is the world's premier center for minimally invasive, robotic-assisted spine and joint surgery. We specialize in surgical procedures for the SPINE, HIP, KNEE, SHOULDER and HAND. We have three centers in Arizona, one in Scottsdale, this one here in Goodyear and our brand, new facility in Gilbert. All our centers are very patient-centric so from your first call to your final visit, it's streamlined, convenient, and personalized. Rather than wait months or even a year to get an appointment, we schedule appointments faster and we're completely transparent about our procedures, taking into account the safety of our patients first and foremost and unlike traditional invasive spine surgery, we offer our patients "Ultra Minimally Invasive" procedures to treat their pain.

Dr. Nathan Moore has recently joined our team. He and others of our team perform minimally invasive, muscle sparing surgeries that result in less overall pain for our patients and better long- term outcomes. We offer alternative anesthesia methods that lead to a faster recovery. We also specialize in robotic-assisted surgery here. The surgeon is still in control of the operation, but the robot improves the precision of implant placement and lowers risk of complications. There are 3 main benefits to undergoing a procedure with robotic assistance rather than a traditional replacement surgery.
1. Smaller incisions - Robotic technology allows surgeons to make more precise incisions that are no larger than they need to be. The robotic system also helps them avoid cutting through too much soft tissue.
2. More accurate implant placement - One of the most important steps of any joint replacement surgery is positioning the implant. Prior to the procedure, your doctors will map your knee using 3D imaging, and the robotic system will memorize the map. This results in more accurate placement of the implant, which helps the artificial joint perform well and last longer.
3. Less risk of damage - A skilled surgeon will take all the necessary precautions to minimize risks during surgery. The precision offered by the robotic system can help minimize the risk of nerve, muscle or soft tissue damage, incorrect positioning, bone fracture or joint dislocation.

Having joint replacement or spine surgery at our outpatient surgery center is the only way to go when planning your upcoming surgeries. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have avoided coming into the doctor for chronic pain issues or joint pain and they are often delaying surgery for fear of going into a hospital and contracting COVID. At an outpatient facility such as Phoenix Spine & Joint we're able to do these procedures in healthy individuals without them having to go into a hospital, where they will be surrounded by sick people. We follow all COVID-19 guidelines and there is virtually no COVID in a facility like this. People should feel very confident that they will be able to come in, get the care or surgery that they need and be better off for it.

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