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Michelle Rene' Schafer is the CEO of Giving Time Whole Health. As a Whole Health Coach, Michelle provides support for busy people who are ill, stressed, or just tired, to create health styles that fit the life styles they desire and deserve. Michelle believes that Whole Health is much more than losing weight, eating funny tasting food, joining the gym or stopping smoking. When asked about what she means by this, Michelle stated, "A person's whole health is supported by a body that works correctly, a mind that is open to and able to try new things, and a spirit that is up for adventure and fulfilled by living its true purpose.  Despite the fact that each individual is different, making their health styles naturally different, we spend years trying to fit in to someone else's definition of health style, life style, career, etc. denying ourselves our own dreams. When I found myself sick, stressed, and tired I started searching for the why's not the band aids. I found my why and realized that I needed to change a lot in my life so that I could live the life I desired and deserved. By finding and following my true purpose, living my own dreams, eating food that supports my body, exercising the way that works for me, and participating in the activities that bring me joy, I now find myself healthier, happier and showing others how to do the same."

Michelle has fought numerous odd health issues her whole life. Doctors struggled to find what was wrong and despite saying that it was rare for someone her age to have certain conditions, they were never able to figure out what was causing the problems, often passing it off as stress or hormones. After years of fighting and advocating for herself, Michelle found a chiropractor that finally heard her and was able to discover a metabolism disorder.  There were still a lot of questions, though.   Finally, after a bout with breast cancer, Michelle realized that she had another purpose in life.  A calling, other than being  a Personnel Director and Risk Manager, which she had been for fifteen years. Michelle examined her options, prayed a lot, asked for feedback and eventually made her move to Arizona. In Arizona, Michelle found that her years of fighting for her health, teaching and supporting others to find hidden talents and follow their dreams, and creating award winning work site safety and wellness programs, were all leading up to her finding her true purpose as a whole health practitioner. Michelle's approach to her own whole health has led her to examine and learn about the different ways her body reacts to different foods (she has celiac and several food allergies), the energy in and around it, types of exercise that work for her (a back injury and lack of natural adrenaline production has caused difficulties in this area), emotions, stress of different types, and much more. Michelle's story of healing her own issues with fibromyalgia, breast cancer, digestive disorders, depression, weight struggles, and more has inspired others to make their own life changes.

As a Whole Health Coach, Michelle works with her clients to find tools that they can incorporate into their daily lives that truly support their whole health. In addition to coaching, she offers family shopping and cooking classes, showing her clients and their family's ways that they can eat, still enjoy their food, have fun cooking together, and support all of their whole health  while creating feeling s of abundance, not scarcity. Michelle also holds special workshops on finding your heart dreams, work life balance, how to turn hobbies into exercises that you'll not only love, but that will change your life, and much more. She is a motivational speaker and can present on many topics and in many different venues. Michelle is also a wellness consultant for small to medium sized employers, providing support and information on creating productive wellness and safety programs as well as speaking on numerous employee related topics. Michelle is also an author, and her first book has been enjoyed by many and has inspired many to search out their dreams and life purpose, and is only the beginning of more to come.

Give Michelle a call at 530-262-2710, or visit the website,

Giving Time Whole Health is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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