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Get rid of termites for good with Urban Desert Pest Control

Posted at 7:51 AM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 12:37:58-04

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Subterranean Termites are the most destructive termite species found in the U.S. and the most commonly found termite species in Phoenix. Subterranean Termites literally eat 24/7. Their voracious appetite has been known to destroy building foundations, door trim, baseboards, pipes & insulation. The total cost of termite damage to homes in the US is estimated at over $5 billion annually. The average cost per home being $3,300. To avoid these expenses, it helps to understand why termites thrive in Phoenix, how to identify signs of termite infestation & how to get the best protection for your dollar.
Termites are especially a concern during monsoon season. Every monsoon thousands of mating pairs take flight with the sole purpose of growing and expanding a new colony. Each termite queen can lay an egg every 15 seconds. All that is required to get down to business is a tiny crack or crevice in the foundation of a home. Because most homes have a suitable crack or crevice, the best offense is always a good defense.

The professionals at Urban Desert are happy to do a no cost, no obligation inspection to let you know if termites are infesting your home. There are a few important termite indicators to watch for that should prompt an immediate call to the termite specialists at Urban Desert. The most obvious sign being the presence of mating pairs--termites with wings-- known as a swarmers. These lovebugs are messy! Pellet like droppings, or wings lying around, are indicators its time for an inspection. Other common signs are mud tubes, hollowed out wood, deteriorating drywall or sagging floors & doors. The best way to avoid damage and guarantee against future termite infestation is prevention.

Best results happen with early intervention using quality product, and skilled technicians. Urban Desert combines both of these elements to create long lasting peace of mind for their customers. The only product used by Urban Desert is top rated Termidor HE (High Efficiency). Its effectiveness stems in part from its non-repellant undetectable technology. Since the termites cannot detect its presence, they can't avoid it. Whenever a termite touches the product it becomes a "carrier" transferring Termidor throughout the colony. In addition, its advanced molecular structure ensures even disbursement throughout the soil and keeps the placement intact regardless of rain or irrigation.

The licensed, skilled Technicians at Urban Desert combine top of the line product with detail & precision to build a continuous barrier of protection that termites cannot pass through. Prior to treatment, your home is carefully mapped with consideration of structural layout, type of slab and current termite activity. The product is then carefully applied at precise intervals to ensure a long-lasting solid defense. Each termite treatment is warrantied for 5 years and renewable for an additional 5 years, that's a full decade of protection. Urban Desert would love the opportunity to show you great work and take termites off your worry list.

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