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Domino's Pizza: Now offering delivery insurance

Posted at 7:54 AM, Sep 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-13 13:17:41-04

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Did you know that Domino's has 15 digital ordering options for customers? Customers can order their favorite oven-baked goodness from anywhere they are, at any time, using whatever device they choose. Whether it is via Google Home, Alexa, text, tweet, Xevo in-car ordering, smartwatch and more, Domino's makes ordering delicious pizza easy.

A great customer experience doesn't stop there though. Customers can use Domino's TrackerĀ® to see where their order is, each step of the way - from when it is being made, to when it's placed in the oven, and when it is out for delivery or ready for pickup. Since Domino's launched its pizza tracker in 2008, it has followed more than 100 million orders and won the hearts of many consumers who are hooked on seeing the status of their order.

Domino's has always prided itself in providing a great customer experience, and that goes for delivery as well. Domino's now has an official program - Domino's Delivery Insurance - that makes delivery experiences gone wrong, right. If customers have an issue with their delivery, they can submit a claim from Domino's Tracker, their confirmation email or their order confirmation page. To make it right, Domino's will award 60 loyalty program points or a discount coupon to the customer for future use. Domino's stores may also choose to take additional actions to resolve customer concerns.

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