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Doctor's Biome probiotics and your gut health

Posted at 8:09 AM, Jan 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-19 11:47:18-05

Dr. Nicole Avena is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

In this segment, Dr. Nicole Avena, nutrition expert discusses the importance of "smart" probiotics. Dr. Howard Robins, one of the founders of 'Doctors Biome' was frustrated with the quality and effectiveness of probiotics on the market. He partnered with his longtime friend and entrepreneur Richard Finkelstein and Dr. Reza Kamarei, a food scientist with a PHD from MIT, to create a probiotic product that would actually help his patients.

Probiotics are nothing new, in fact you have probably seen hundreds of commercials and probiotic products in the supermarket aisles. The potential benefits from probiotics are wide ranging, depending on which specific probiotic strain we are talking about. However, the main benefits usually include balancing the friendly bacteria in your gut, and keeping your digestive system much more regular. Overall gut health should be much improved when regularly taking a probiotic. But many products on the market are simply not effective; here is why Doctor's Biome is different.

There were a few key things that Dr. Robins and Dr. Kamarei did to make sure Doctor's Biome would be one of the most effective probiotics on the market. First, they picked 15 scientifically backed probiotic strains that work symbiotically with each other; each strain having different and unique benefits for the body.

Second, they made sure that the probiotic strains were alive from inception to ingestion. Often in capsules and tablets the probiotics are freeze dried and "hopefully" come back to life inside the body. Doctor's Biome's probiotics are living and ready to get to work the second they enter the body. It took two years of development for this patent pending process, but it was of the utmost importance to create an effective product.

Lastly, they focused on the juice that the probiotics would be in. The juice is an organic blend of vegetable and fruit juice that tastes good. Because, after all, who wants to drink something that tastes bad!? Additionally, and more importantly there is prebiotic fiber in the organic juice. What Doctor's Biome found was having prebiotic fiber was supremely important because it allowed the probiotic strains to thrive. The prebiotic fiber acts as food for the probiotics, so when the get into the body they grow stronger and more able to have a positive effect. The fiber also helps create a more hospitable environment by making the body a less acidic place for the probiotic strains.

Dr. Robins began giving Doctor's Biome to his patients and was very pleased with the results. To try and get more of a clinical view he distributed surveys to the patients asking how Doctor's Biome has helped over and 8-week period. The results of the study were astounding, patients consistently were marking down how helpful the product was as well as different ailments Doctor's Biome had been helping to alleviate.

If you are looking for a high quality, effective probiotic get 'Doctors Biome' today!