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Dental Genie: A new way to find the perfect dentist at the best price

Posted at 7:58 AM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 13:06:37-04

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Dental Genie is a marketplace that brings patients and dental professionals together in a brand new way.
Whether you're trying to find a new dentist and struggling to make the right choice, or shopping around for a more affordable price for a treatment plan, Dental Genie can help!
Want to know the real cost of going to the dentist? Simply enter your zip code and the procedure you're looking for, and Dental Genie shows you top rated local dentists who perform the procedure. You can see which dentists have the best ratings, who has the best price, and how far away they are located.
Did you know that 72% of all prescribed dental treatment goes untreated? The majority of those procedures go untreated because of fear of pain from the cost of the treatment plan, and fear of pain from the procedure itself.
Dental Genie takes the mystery out of dental work. From extractions, fillings, and implants, to root canals, dentures, and crowns - Dental Genie has got you covered. Dental Genie saves you money by showing you market pricing for common procedures and what you could be saving with top-rated dentists. Compare reviews and ratings for local dentists and see the high, low, and average price of dental procedures in your area.
How can Dental Genie providers offer top-quality dental work at below-market prices? Empty chairs cost dentists thousands of dollars every year. Over time, they need to increase procedure fees to compensate for the down time. Dental Genie helps fill those appointments, allowing dentists to pass savings on to the patient. Wishes granted!
Dental Genie is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living