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CoolDown Solutions can help keep you COOL

Posted at 7:56 AM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-17 14:44:10-04

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Introducing the Amazing CoolDown Core-pak made by CoolDown Solutions.  This amazing product's stays cold in the hottest temperatures.  Stacey the inventor, invented it while staying in Arizona on a 4-year RV trip through the USA.  She went on her RV trip because she has multiple sclerosis with complications, her time might be very limited.  She wanted to go explore before it was no longer an option with her health crisis.  Good thing too, she says she would never had invented this product if she did not get held up in an Arizona June heat wave.  They say the mother of invention is necessity and she will tell you it was a dire necessity! MS Patients can have severe problems with heat and Stacey is one of them.

She invented the product days before it was going to be 122 degrees and finished it on the morning of that very day. Temperatures reached 122 degrees and both her air conditioning units on her RV Froze due to the workload.  Stacey did not even break a sweat and immediately realized that this was an amazing product that could help many people in many countries with current record heat waves occurring  throughout the world.  This product requires no electricity to work.  No refrigeration or freezer necessary.  Its natural state is cold!  With Stacey's Patent pending ever cooling technology you will always be comfortable in the hottest condition!  The more you move the colder it gets!  She designed it that way, is what she will tell you, to stay cold, to have multiple settings of coolness as well as microwavable.  This is a truly revolutionary, multi-faceted, must have product For the Millennium.

The Core-pak has been tested to hold heat up to 45 minutes in 35-degree weather and can be used for sore muscles or arthritis as well.  This is a household product that can be used for headaches, sore muscles, sore back, hot flashes, Exercise, work, menopause, fever and colds.  Are you having a hard time falling asleep at night?  Use the core-pak and you will be out like a light.  Our athletes are running longer and drinking less water because they are not going through heat exhaustion.  Remember the more you move the colder it gets!  

All you need is water to activate it and it last for days and even weeks.  However, it is best used when watered every day or every other day in hot weather.

Stacey is determined to give as much as she can back to the world before it's her time to go.  She is crowdfunding to launch this to the public for the first time this year.  You can order yours at, use Code "Sonoran Living" for 18% off to celebrate her launch in 2018.  While there check out her on Crowdfunding.  Stacey is going to give away one CoolDown Core-pak for every one sold to veterans and those that are in need and cannot afford it.  So, you can help too by purchasing yours now.