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Coat of Armor Grout Solutions: Keep the DIRT out of your grout!

Posted at 7:44 AM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 13:10:44-04

Coat of Armor Grout Solutions is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

My name is Richard Menozzi the CEO of Coat of Armor Grout Solutions, an innovative sought after grout solution that is easy and quick to apply to your existing stained, discolored, ugly grout without the mess and expense of removing the old grout. Best of all, It only requires a onetime application! Unlike most all retail sealers require to be reapplied  every 6 months.

Our products color and protect grout in one bottle application that will block any new staining for the life of the grout, with proper maintenance. No future need to ever hire grout cleaners and no future need to ever have to waste precious time scrubbing grout on your hands and knees with strong chemicals and tooth brushes.

Once grout has Coat of Armor Grout Solutions protective solution applied to it, it simply will not absorb the worst of spills or accidents, such as coffee, wine, grape juice, oil, red sauces, pet oils or pet accidents as well as any other spill/accidents you can drum up. It will not peel off as paint sealers do or stain your tile as stains sealers can do.

It is not only affordable and easy for anyone to apply, it is also bio degradable, water based and non toxic, safe for children and pets. It will wipe off tile or any hard surface it my come in contact with when applying.

A constant acting mildicide is built into the formula that will block and prevent mold, mildew, bacteria or germs to grow on the grout surface which is very important for small children, counter tops and shower areas.

The DIY expense to cover a tiled area of 250 sq. ft. with 12 x 12 size tiles is only $39.95. We also offer professional instillation in the Valley and its surrounding areas.

I invite you to visit us at

Proudly  Made in the USA.