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Coast to Coast Barnwood shows us how they can bring you reclaimed wood to decorate your home

Posted at 7:36 AM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 13:10:14-04

Coast to Coast Barn Wood is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living

Coast to Coast Barn Wood is the newest and largest retailer and wholesaler of Authentic Reclaimed Barn wood in Arizona.

Our inventory consists of Authentic Reclaimed Wood from the Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky River Valley areas. The barns, homes, and factories dismantled date back to the early 18th century These buildings were constructed by harvesting 1st generation trees. These trees grew slowly due to limited light and competition from the other trees. Because of this slow growth rate, the growth rings on the trees were packed very tightly together which gives the wood unmatched character, durability and stability when compared to new growth lumber.

At Coast to Coast Barn Wood, we offer varieties of siding, beams, mantles, hand hewn beams, and furniture grade wood. Our wood comes in all colors and sizes, from grays to whites to blacks to browns, and in all widths and lengths. We supply to contractors that are in the Barn Wood industry and we are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC as well.  Come in and pick your wood and we can help match you with a contractor that meets your needs.

How do I start?
Come in to our showroom and look at the options we offer.
Find a color and feel that fits the scope of your project.

What next?
Determine the scope of your project. Is this a DIY project or would you prefer a contractor to complete your project?
Pick a contractor from our list that fits your needs or specializes in your project.

What if I do not have a truck?
We can hold the wood for you and arrange for your contractor to pick it up from us.

Is there a difference between reclaimed wood and distressed wood?
Absolutely, distressed wood is just that.  New wood made to look old.  Unfortunately, the new wood is still moist and damp, not cured and aged like Authentic Reclaimed wood. The difference can be seen now and over time.

What can I expect to pay for Reclaimed Wood?
This product is a commodity and does vary in pricing.  Wood that is reclaimed and local to the regions you live in can be rather inexpensive $1 a square foot and up.

But, they lack the quality and characteristics of 1st GENERATION HARDWOOD indigenous to the regions these barns were constructed.

Authentic Reclaimed Barn Wood in varieties of Maple, Birch, Poplar, Walnut, Red and White Oak, and Ash to name a few that show high ring counts in the wood and aged correctly starts at $5 a square foot.

How is the wood sold?
Any wood an inch or less in thickness is sold by square foot length x width.
And wood thicker than an inch is sold by board foot (volume) length x width x height

Our showroom is conveniently located off the 101 and Grand exit on the corner of 91st Ave and Cactus Rd. We are open 7-4 Monday through Friday and 7 to 2 on Saturdays.

From Barn Doors to Barn Wood Siding we stock everything our customers need to complete their projects.

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Coast to Coast Barn Wood is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living