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Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist Kate Ellis says anxiety and panic attacks are not a life sentence

Posted at 7:53 AM, Jul 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-25 13:28:29-04

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"Experiencing an anxiety or panic attack is not a character flaw; it is a part of being human. Woman, man, child, age, intelligence, it doesn't matter, it you are alive we are all prone to the fight/flight/freeze response going haywire at some point in our lives.

1 out of 4 people in the USA, someone you know, perhaps yourself are dealing with the awful symptoms of heart and mind racing, gotta get out of here feeling or thinking you are experiencing a life threatening medical issue.

You may have been given medication by a doctor or therapist to deal with the symptoms. Sometimes it works. But it only masks the symptoms. You may have seen a counselor or therapist with not much improvement. Many people find their world becoming smaller because you are now avoiding any situation that those feelings can occur. Often you find that you can just go to work and then run home. Many people become terribly lonely because you no longer go out and socialize with friends or family, fearing embarrassing yourself or causing distress to others.

Often people are told by a professional or many that you have a disorder and there is nothing you can do except deal as best you can with the paralyzing symptoms through medication, counseling even meditation. These are excellent approaches to help you in a crisis however, not for the long term. There is a way out. You can conquer and vanquish anxiety and panic attacks permanently.

As in any professional field such as medicine, therapy, there are specialists who have dedicated themselves to solving specific issues. The Healing Quest is such a place.

The most important thing to know is anxiety and panic attacks are totally correctable. For over 2 decades THQ has helped people find relief and remission from anxiety and panic attacks and other forms it takes, such as IBS, digestive disorders, migraines and cluster headaches, chronic pain and a host of other ways it can manifest such as addictive behaviors of food, people, substances.

For 99% of THQ clients it takes 3-7 sessions to eradicate. 93-97% of clients will never experience an attack after the first session. 3-7% after the first session may still have issues but not a full blown attack and is corrected in the second session. The remaining sessions is teaching you how you are inadvertently setting off the attacks.

The issue primarily lies in the subconscious: You have a thought that it considers a mortal threat. The subconscious then engages the survival mechanism, the fight/flight/freeze response to save your life by having you find a way to avoid a situation. What happens often is you begin to fear the fear of the symptoms/feelings and find yourself in an awful cycle that over time becomes worse.

It takes a 3 prong approach to correct: counseling with cognitive behavior training for the part your conscious mind is suggesting a threat; hypnotherapy addressing the subconscious where the cycle is stuck and mentoring."

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