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Posted at 7:37 AM, Nov 17, 2017
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Home Care is an organization that understands a difference that doesn't make a difference - isn't a difference!  We are solidly focused on excellence in the delivery of services as evidenced by our Quality and Performance Improvement Program.  We monitor the outcome of patient care and continuously strive to improve processes and outcomes for the best result for every client.We offer value-added Infomediary services to assist clients and their families to maneuver the maize of the healthcare continuum.  We offer assistance to clients to understand what is necessary, the cost and what is payable under various government programs or private insurance. Further, we bring strategic alliances to bear on the total needs of the client to better enable them to remain in their homes as long as it is prudent to do so.We can develop customized programs for a single client, a facility, or a surgical practice. Customized programming, called concierge services are designed to perform to individualized protocols with costs "bundled" for greater efficiency.The greatest difference we offer is the peace of mind achieved when a client knows the stranger who comes into their home from our company has passed the most rigorous background screening in the industry.  Our caregivers are professional, courteous, compassionate and highly trained; but most importantly, our caregivers are simply, the best in the business. Many people in need of services have difficulty in maneuvering through the maize of the healthcare continuum.  Clients and their families are often frustrated because they do not know where to obtain concise information regarding the availability of services,  from whom or what companies and at what cost.  While case managers in hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities are able to direct clients to specific providers of services based on the specific needs presented, their focus is largely episodic in nature.When a client enters the hospital for example, the case manager will focus on what the client will need post discharge, based on the admitting diagnosis and overall condition of the patient.  In other words, case management today focuses on what services are needed to follow up the care that caused the institutionalization (the episode). We take a broader view.  The term Infomediary pairs two concepts: information required with the services of someone understands the maize of healthcare choices and the associated costs (intermediary).   Our value added Infomediary services offers the client and families the information needed not only based on overall medical condition, but environmental factors such as architectural barriers in the home that may impede functional ability.  Additionally, we have strategic alliances with other community based providers who can bring a full range of services and products to meet all the needs associated with remaining at home for as long as it is prudent to do so. We will coordinate service delivery to assure all services required are delivered at the agreed upon time, place and price. Because we believe, "Life at home is the key to independence "    

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CareMinders® Home Care is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.