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Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel offers tips to help you and your loved ones pre-plan your funeral

Posted at 8:37 AM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-07 13:32:21-04

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Why Preplanning is so Important
By Karen Darby-Ritz

Think about the past 50 years. So much has happened. So many stories to tell.  Your life is the same way. It's incredible to think about all the memories you've gathered along the way.  Think about these cherished moments.  There are so many to remember, and a well-planned, prearranged celebration of your life can help your loved ones honor your memory when you are gone.
I know it's not easy to think about leaving your legacy.  But by taking steps now, you can protect your family and friends from having to make stressful decisions during some of the hardest days of their lives.  You help guarantee that your loved ones can focus on remembering time spent with you, celebrating your life, and beginning to heal.
If you've ever been involved in making funeral arrangements, I hope it was a good experience.  But if services aren't preplanned, it can be overwhelming for your loved ones. Imagine getting a call from your mother that her brother has just passed away.  She's asking for your help to plan the funeral immediately.  Where do you start?  What do you do?  Over the course of the next two days, you could easily be flooded with over 125 decisions to make about his service.  Plus, you'll need to figure out who will pay for everything.  Did your uncle have insurance?  Did he have CD's or other savings.  It could take up to months to get the money.  You and your family may have to pay for the funeral. All while dealing with the emotions that come from losing a loved one.
Imagine how different it could be if your uncle had preplanned his final wishes.  You would be so grateful that he had decided exactly how he wanted to be remembered.  You could focus on being together with your family and friends sharing stories of your uncle.  It's never easy to think about your final wishes, but by planning now you can help protect your loved ones.  I hear over and over how preplanning gives you peace of mind. You can take care of virtually all funeral costs before they're even a concern.  Plus, by prepaying you lock in many prices.  On average, funeral costs double every ten years. Think how much you could save by paying a little bit at a time now.
While some people choose formal, traditional funeral services more and more people are choosing unique ceremonies that reflect exactly who they were.  Some people think of their funeral as a crowning performance, while others think of an intimate gathering.  Whatever you have in mind, preplanning allows you to spell out the details, so everything is just how you'd like it.
If you're ready to start thinking about your final wishes, you can visit www.talkof http://www.talkof a  Or you can call Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel and Cremation Center at 623-584-6299 to begin the no-pressure conversation with one of our caring professionals. Visit for more help and informaiton.

Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel and Cremation Center is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living