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Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel and Cremation Center wants to help you understand the importance of pr

Posted at 7:21 AM, Apr 16, 2018
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A Day in the Life…
A day in the life of a funeral home may look like this:                                         
-Review calendar for events of the day
-Check with preneed staff and funeral directors to see what is needed
-Answer phone messages- many of these are from people wanting costs or information on our services
-Check community calendar
-At the funeral home when a "first call" comes in everything stops to gather the pertinent information needed to bring a loved one into our care.  On any given day we can get from 1 to 7or more "first calls".  

Our days are spent meeting with families or individuals needing our services right then or preplanning for the future.  The relationships we form are the life bread of our business.  We have made an intentional decision as a family to provide the absolute best service to our families.  We know that this will not make us the least expensive funeral home but it will make us the most committed to our families.  We feel this is the only business model that matters.   

Some activities that are frequent but not daily are presentations and community events. Funeral School and Pizza and Preplan are two examples.  It is an important part of our job to educate our consumers.  If we give facts, options, and most frequently chosen elements of a memorial service then any decision our consumers make will be an informed decision.  We want to answer all questions in a low stress environment- remembering that this is a topic that people all have questions about and are interested in BUT no one wants to really go there.  In our industry we are finding that people really do want to discuss death but somehow it's become taboo.  It's deemed macabre.  This is where we want to take a stand and say death is a part of life.  This part of life should have every bit the celebration piece that a wedding or an anniversary would have.  All lives matter.  No one knows the impact one has had on any given individual during their lifetime.  Sometimes it's comforting for the family of an individual to hear, at a memorial service, how much of an impact their loved one had.   This may help the grieving process begin or make it an easier journey.  

The staff used to get irritated at all "the interruptions" they would have during any given day.  There were so many people that needed information, help, listening, or a hug.  All at once, one day, we realized that these "interruptions" WERE our job.  These are the really important things to help with.  The reports, files, and everyday minutia of the office are tasks that must be done but never before the relationship pieces.  It's never been the things in life that matter most- it's always been the people.

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Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel and Cremation Center is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living