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Bubble Bee is an organic tea shop

Posted at 8:00 AM, Aug 16, 2019
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First Organic Boba Tea Shop in Arizona hits East Valley
Local shop will be the first and only in the state to serve certified USDA Organic-based boba tea drinks
Scottsdale, ARIZ. (Aug 8, 2019) -- Boba tea has proven to be the latest foodie fad-- popping up on major street corners to replace the frozen yogurt and rolled ice cream trends. The drink made of tea, milk and chewy tapioca balls has proved to be a huge hit with all ages- but one boba tea shop is taking the concept from a sugary splurge to a healthful treat you may actually want to put in your body.
The boba tea innovators call themselves Bubble Bee, named after their specialty-- the Original Organic Honey boba, which is premium tapioca pearls soaked in Organic Raw Honey.
What sets them apart from the others? Bubble Bee announced this month that they will use certified USDA Organic loose-leaf teas as the base of all of their drinks, as well as USDA Organic Milks and USDA organic honey.
They will be the first and only boba tea shop in Arizona to offer organic-based boba drinks and brew USDA Organic Loose-leaf tea in house daily and use it to make all of their drinks.
"People don't realize the difference that the quality of ingredients they consume makes in their health. That's our focus and what we pride ourselves on," Marketing Manager Madeline Johnson said.
Johnson said there are various reasons why the company made the decision to switch to organic, but said some of the biggest are the amount of fluoride, pesticides and loads of harmful artificial ingredients found in most commonly used teas.
A study by Greenpeace showed that drinking non-organic tea can actually do more harm than good because the unhealthy effects of the pesticides and chemicals overrides the health benefits of the tea, according to the report.
Bubble Bee also committed to using organic almond, soy and coconut milks-- which are also better than their non-organic counterparts which can contain artificial chemicals and fillers, according to Johnson.
The shop makes their creamy drinks with a non-dairy cream and their fruit teas are flavored with purees made of real crushed fruit, which the company makes themselves.
In addition, their house-made boba has all the benefits of the organic raw honey that it's soaked in-- such as being loaded with vitamins, nutrients and enzymes as well as having powerful antioxidant properties. Raw honey can also boost immunity and promote a healthy digestive system, according to an article by Healthline.
"We're serving up the same delicious, fun and pretty tea drinks as the other guys, but there are clean, quality ingredients behind ours-- so you can feel good about treating yourself," Johnson said.
They also cater to folks with specific diets such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and more. They offer coconut milk and non-dairy cream, as well as stevia, blue agave, or raw honey sweetened drinks and 0-calorie drinks.
Along with over 70 fully customize-able drinks on their menu, the tea company is releasing their own line of USDA Organic Loose-leaf teas that can be purchased in stores or online, and allow you to make their delicious organic tea-- inspired by their most popular drinks, right in your own home. The four loose-leaf teas include USDA Organic Strawberry Peony White Tea, USDA
Organic Peach Black Tea, USDA Organic Jasmine Green Tea, and an All Natural Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea made with Lavender, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Citrus and Red Date.
"If you're really health conscious you can enjoy one of our four organic pure teas- there's literally something for everyone," Johnson said.

More About Bubble Bee
Bubble Bee specializes in Organic Tea-based boba drinks with several fun twists on the concept including real-fruit teas with poppers and jellies, blended drinks, pure teas, coffee, energy drinks, and more. Bubble Bee is also the inventor of the Vanilla Organic Honey boba, and is the only place in the country where you can find the Vanilla-flavored boba soaked in Organic Raw Honey!
Bubble Bee has been serving its refreshments to the Valley for over 5 years and has three locations at Scottsdale Quarter, San Tan Village in Gilbert and in Tempe at Arizona Mills. You can also catch Bubble Bee at local events, order them on UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash and Postmates, or catering special events.
You can see more on their social media @mybubblebeehive.

Bubble Bee is an innovative boba tea shop local to Arizona with three Valley locations and is the home of the Original Organic Honey Boba.