Black Hat Security talks home security and automation

Posted at 7:08 AM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 14:44:10-05

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Phoenix home security firm, Black Hat Security has been making some noise lately in the family and home security industry. We were happy to have them on the show to talk about a few of the things that they are doing to attract some serious attention. 

Black Hat Security is taking research to another level. Cameron Bawden, founder of Black Hat Security, explains: 

"We weren't satisfied with how big companies were doing security. Mainly, we felt like it was more about getting a customer to commit to minimal security. In order to confirm what we were thinking, we asked one of our awesome customers if we could use former burglars (and a host of other people) to break into their home. We had to incentive the potential burglars to really put their best foot forward and try to win. So we put tags worth about $5000 throughout the house. If they could get in and out undetected, they could keep what they carried. We let them bring tools like wire cutters, crow bars, ladders, or whatever they wanted. We interviewed them and they were really helpful in our approach to securing Arizona families. For instance, the first man (who happened to have a few felony burglary charges on his resume) tried to cut the power at the power box. He went for the phone line too. He was caught by the back up battery and the fact that our wireless security systems have dedicated cellular connections. Next he tried to shimmy a french door. He broke in the door, but was caught by a motion detector. 

One of the things that surprised us the most was how aware these former criminals were of modern home security techniques. One of them revealed that he understood the security packages offered by the big security companies. He told explained that most people secure the main windows of the house and all of the doors. So when he climbed on the roof to break in through one of the children's windows, he ran into the window sensor that we had placed there. 

My partners and I have had long conversations about what really matters to us in home security. We love the home automation features like automated door locks, Nest thermostats, automated lights and cameras… but when it really came down to it, we absolutely rely on motion detectors, window sensors, door sensors, and the other basic features that many security companies kind of forget minimize. So when Black Hat Security technicians go out to a house we tell them to be vigilant. If there is exposure somewhere, we make the client aware of the threat. Often we find ourselves giving out extra window sensors and door sensors. This helps the customer and our team go to sleep at night." 

To watch some of Black Hat Security's bait house attempts, click- Black Hat Security

Black Hat Security clients enjoy close contact with company employees and owners.  Cameron gave us some insight about his customer service philosophy, "Often we'll just call and check in to make sure that we're meeting their expectations. Home security in Arizona is unique. Proximity to the border, heat, length of day, all play a factor in the types of crime that affects Arizona families. We're from Arizona. Our team lives all over the valley from Phoenix, to Mesa, Chandler to Gilbert, West Valley to East Valley. We have a pretty good understanding of what people want and need. A little while ago, we had some clients with teenage kids ask us about cyber security and it's effect on violent crime, kidnapping, and property crime. So we started a series on Phoenix Home Security   that addresses many of these concerns." 

Black Hat Security has another pretty bold promise. They are promising to beat any home security system rate in Arizona by at least 23%. So far they have "done if without breaking a sweat". Here are some of the ways they have made this possible while still thriving as a business. 
·    Black Hat Security services the security contract themselves, they don't sell it like many of the door to door companies out there
·    Black Hat Security does NOT have door to door salesmen. This both saves the high dollar commission that they are getting paid and cuts down on cancellations that inevitably come with high pressure sales. 
·    Black Hat Security only focuses on Arizona home security. This helps the security more focused and also saves money that can be passed along to the customer. 
·    All of Black Hat Security's technicians are full-time, highly trained, home security experts.  They don't outsource home security installation. Quality of work has generally improved and cut down on costly fixes. 

Right now, Black Hat Security is throwing in a doorbell camera on top of all of their systems. With the holidays approaching, package theft is on the rise. A Black Hat Security doorbell camera allows you both see and speak with anyone who approaches your door. You do it all through the Black Hat Security app. 

Check out their nearly perfect reviews on Google and Yelp.  

Cameron left us with one more thought that "You know, with any service industry you understand it's the little things that make all the difference." 

Black Hat Security is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.