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Benefits of giving your child a music education at East Valley Yamaha Music School

Posted at 7:19 AM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 13:26:02-04

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Heidi Grimes, Owner/Director
East Valley Yamaha Music School

Children should listen to music even prenatal, especially Bach and Mozart, to build increased synapses in their brains. Preschoolers who participated in music lessons including keyboards, showed a 45% increase in spatial reasoning over the course of one year as opposed to music lessons with singing only and computer classes (Fran Rauscher, USC).

Because a child’s hearing is at its best between age 3 - 7 1/2, this is the optimal time to begin music study.

The Yamaha curriculum for 3-year-olds includes; singing, storytelling, solfège, rhythm, imagination, listening and keyboard playing with classmates and parents. A three-year-old can absorb important musical concepts long before they are performance ready on an instrument. In fact, most children who start Yamaha at age 3 develop perfect pitch.

All Yamaha courses start with a group lesson and then add a private lesson as a child’s coordination begins to develop - usually age six to seven. Yamaha’s comprehensive musicianship courses teach children to understand fully the language of music; playing piano, singing, playing in ensembles, improvising and creating their own music through composition. Becoming involved in music for life is a wonderful and satisfying experience for every person. For parents who want to create a beautiful and full life for their children giving them a Yamaha Education will allow them to enjoy and share music for a lifetime.

Music increases overall health, mental, and emotional wellbeing. For more information about our school please visit our website at

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East Valley Yamaha Music School is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living