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AZ Museum of Natural History is a must see for dinosaur lovers

Posted at 7:32 AM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 13:41:51-04

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Arizona Museum of Natural History is nestled in the heart of down town Mesa, and is the premier natural history museum in Arizona.

A "must see" for dinosaur lovers, the main attraction is Dinosaur Mountain, with animatronic dinosaurs, a 3 story indoor waterfall and flash flood that happens every 20 minutes. Nearby is Dino Hall with articulated dinosaur and flying pterosaur skeletons including a large fossil dinosaur bone that you can touch. The ramp takes you on a tour through time to learn about animals that lived before the dinosaurs who were just as fascinating and monstrous. Dino Zone is a popular attraction for children with dinosaur models that they can interact with. You can take a selfie with a T. rex or climb on the back of a Pentaceratops.

If dinosaurs are not your interest however, there is so much more. The museum houses archaeological collections both local and from all over the Americas. You can walk through an ancient Hohokam village, or discover cultures further afield like the Maya or Aztec civilizations. The origins gallery teaches about meteorites, and the rich gem and mineral geology of Arizona completing this museum as a comprehensive guide to the prehistory of the South West.  

There are also history galleries where you can learn about early missionaries and the economies that put Arizona on the map. You can walk through a mine and visit original pioneer jail cells, so escape proof, that they were used right up until the 1970's. The courtyard is a peaceful outside area where visitors pan for gold or enjoy the thrill of discovery in the dino dig pit.  

The museum is more than an entertaining venue. It is a research institution for archaeology and paleontology with on-going field studies and innovative educational partnerships with universities making it a rich resource for the community.

With frequent events and programs ranging from preschool to adult only events, there is something here for everyone.
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