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Arizona Property Tax Alliance: Are you overpaying?

Posted at 7:42 AM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 13:17:20-04

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Over 42,000 homeowners in Maricopa County are unfairly missing out on up to $600 per year in lower property taxes.  At Arizona Property Tax Alliance, we take a stand against unfair taxation.  We are dedicated to notifying and assisting homeowners to fix the issue and to obtain refunds of overpaid property taxes.  No one should be taxed unfairly.

I am a resident of Gilbert, Arizona.  I specialize in property taxes and work to protect taxpayers by representing them for property taxes. I became interested in the Maricopa residential taxes when I helped my neighbor review his tax bill. He was being taxed higher because his home was incorrectly classified as "Non-Primary Residence," a classification that can be used for rental or vacation properties. This misclassification caused him to not qualify for the homeowner's tax credit, which he rightly deserved.

I began to wonder about my other neighbors, so I reviewed my street.  I found that 15 of the 30 houses on my street were incorrectly listed as "Non-Primary Residence."  I spent my free-time helping fix their homes as well.  

Fifty percent of my street in Gilbert was incorrect.  This made me wonder how many other homes in Maricopa County may be wrong.  I did a thorough review of Maricopa County parcels and identified over 42,000 homes that I believe are not being taxed fairly.  I do not believe that I have found all the houses that are incorrect, the number may range up to 100,000.

If my neighbors deserved the help, so does everyone in Maricopa County.  I don't think that it's right that classification errors should randomly penalize homeowners, and I am on a mission to fix it.  Since no organization existed to bring this information to the public's attention, I created the Arizona Property Tax Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting for a fair property tax system through restoring rights and empowering Arizona taxpayers.

On our website,, you will find a free property tax analysis tool.  The short questionnaire will let the system check your property to see if you qualify for the homeowner's tax credit and then it will check to see if you are receiving the credit.  Sometimes additional information is necessary to complete the review, if that is the case, you will be contacted by the Arizona Property Tax Alliance.  

If you want to fix the issue yourself, you are welcome to do so.  Our organization simply provides a stress-free and affordable opportunity to use a tax expert to fix the issue and ensure the highest refund opportunity for past years.  It is our guarantee that the homeowner will always come out ahead.  This is a cause I champion because I care about establishing a fair property tax system for Arizona. We treat every case in Maricopa County as if they are our neighbor.  No one deserves to be taxed unfairly. Visit