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Arizona Painting Company: Painting during the summer

Posted at 8:05 AM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 13:16:03-04

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Arizona Painting Company, Setting the Standard

The Arizona heat attacks the paint on your home like a blast furnace. The professionals at Arizona Painting Company know first-hand how fast our desert oven can compromise the layer of protection your paint provides. Choosing the right paint for your project is crucial, but so is choosing the right painter.

Cost of an Average Paint Job
When you’re selecting a painting professional to paint the exterior or interior of your home, pay close attention to what is included their bid. There are several factors that determine the cost estimate for your painting project.

The first factor affecting the price of your paint job is the paint you choose and the surface it is being applied to. Some surfaces require more prep work than others, increasing the labor costs for the job. The type of paint selected for the project will also affect the price, as well as the durability of the finished product.

Square-footage is the most obvious variable when estimating the cost of any paint job, but there are several other factors that need to be considered. High vaulted ceilings inside or two-story exteriors will also affect your project costs.

Each project has its own unique features; that’s why Arizona Painting Company always takes the time to fully inspect a project before quoting you a price. They don’t charge for this service; it’s complimentary for every customer.

Painting During the Summer Months
The Arizona Painting Company team is always fielding questions from Sonora homeowners about painting. One of the most frequent questions they get asked is: Is it okay to paint my house during the summer? The answer is, yes. The Arizona Painting Company works with you to select cooler times of the day when the temperature is moderate.

Arizona Painting Company’s 10 Year Warranty
Paint is more than a splash of color. Paint is an essential coat of protection for your home. If your paint isn’t doing its job correctly, the painted surface of your home will begin to deteriorate. Arizona Painting Company recognizes the investment homeowners make when they contract for professional painting services. For those who want the assurance their paint job is a lasting one, Arizona Painting Company offers a 10 Year Warranty package that includes the highest grade of exterior paint available.

Giving Back to the Community: Paint It Forward
Every year Arizona Painting Company has the privilege of helping out one family by awarding them a $5,000.00 painting package for their home. Families are nominated by a friend or family member who send a short application explaining the need and why their nominee should be chosen. The choice of only one winner is always difficult but making a difference in people’s lives never grows old. Arizona Painting Company cares about people-that’s our bottom line.

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Arizona Painting Company is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.